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“Small Town Security” Recap: God Don’t Make No Junk

Small Town Security Love
The second episode exposes a bizarre love triangle. Read More »
10 Reasons To Watch
Why we love "Small Town Security." Read More »
My Mother Is A Hoarder
An essay from a woman with a hoarder in the family. Read More »
"Why Are You Looking At Me Like That?"

I was too traumatized by last night’s “Breaking Bad” to watch “Small Town Security,” so apologies for getting this recap to you late. “Breaking Bad” is so stressful! But “Small Town Security” is like a sweet, soothing salve on the nerves. As long as you can handle all the uncomfortable sex talk.

And oh, what sex talk!

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Bizarre Love Triangle: Joan, Denis & Irwin On “Small Town Security”

Wait, Mutual Masturbation?!
10 Reasons To Watch
Here's why you NEED to be watching "Small Town Security." Read More »

Have you started watching “Small Town Security” yet? Because you need to be watching this show. It’s absolutely the craziest. I mean, the show is about a security detail in North Georgia run by former teen sensation Joan Koplan, her cuckholded husband Irwin, and their female-to-male transgender officer Denis. So totally normal, right?

The second episode of the series delves further into the bizarre relationship between Joan “The Chief” Koplan and her deputy, Denis Croft. Who used to be a woman. Keep reading »

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