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10 Things We Want Delivered In An Hour

This morning, we told you that even the sex industry is suffering during the economic crisis. But there some ingenious business people are using raging libidos to make them money. The Kinky Llama in Chicago delivers sex toys to horny residents, and they haven’t seen a decrease in business as a result of the economy. Open 24-hours, the company promises to deliver whatever your, uh, heart desires within an hour. Frankly, we can’t imagine being so hard up that we’d need a dildo delivered to our doorstep, but we can think of 10 other things we’d like to have on call. Check out the list, after the jump … Keep reading »

Mind Of Man: Five Things About Pregnancy That Will Eff You Up

You’ve heard about the mood swings, cravings, mania, and general awfulness your wife will be “blessed” with throughout her nine-month journey to motherhood. Here are five things your parent-friends will never tell you about pregnancy, probably because they’d just assume forget about them altogether:

Miscarriage. It seems to be almost inevitable. We’re not sure of the statistics, but an unscientific survey we did of three friends showed that every woman in the world will have at least one miscarriage. As a guy, you’d think that your rub-some-dirt-on-it-and-get-back-in-the-game attitude that you learned from your high school football coach (who was banging one of your classmates by the way) would be helpful. It’s not. Let her sister/mom/friends console her because you suck at it. Meanwhile, you’ll have some extra time to create a new, winning game plan. Keep reading »

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