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My Two Cents: Home Decorating On A Budget

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As we flip through glossy decorating magazines and click away at online shopping sites, we begin to cry. Why are these apartments so beautiful, and why aren’t ours just as perfect? Well, dry your tears, channel your inner interior designer, and listen up. Your wallet might be empty, but that doesn’t mean your living room has to be. You can decorate cheaply without it looking cheap! Find 10 creative ideas for inexpensive home decorating, after the jump. Keep reading »

Hugh Hefner’s Decorating Tips

A recent three-person survey (Amelia, Emily, and myself) revealed that if a guy’s place resembles the Playboy mansion, he is probably a slime-ball. Interior decorating prowess seems to play some part in a man’s overall attractiveness, but most of the guys we know don’t read magazines like Domino or Elle Decor for decorating tips. Where do they get ideas for what to hang on their walls and which sheets go with the chocolate brown duvet cover? Kelvin Browne writes how Playboy/Hugh Hefner shaped his views of sex and the home in an article for the National Post: “Overtly masculine, Playboy pads flaunted lots of chrome and leather furnishings, usually black leather. ‘Clean lines,’ I think the phrase was, bold with a James Bond quality and all the latest gadgets. I fantasized about how remote controls and sex were intrinsically connected. You closed the drapes with a remote, flicked another remote and the lights dimmed, and hit another button and the fireplace exploded into flames.”

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