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Fall In Love: 7 Autumn Date Ideas That Don’t Involve Any Hay

Fall In Love Dating Ideas

Well, it’s officially fall! Even if you don’t live in a place where the weather has made that fact painfully apparent, you can always feel a shift this time of year. Days get shorter, pumpkin spice lattes come out of hibernation at Starbucks, and wild, summer flings are replaced with a love life that is a bit calmer and much, much cuddlier. (How else are we supposed to keep warm?) We think autumn is the perfect time of year to, ahem, fall in love, but it can be tough to come up with fresh dating ideas. If you’ve seen one list of fall dates, you’ve seen them all. It’s like the same 10 ideas have been circulating for the last 100 years. Sure, the standard apple picking, haunted houses and foliage walks can be fun (if your allergies are under control or you enjoy being scared into a near-heart attack), but they’re so played out that we’d be loathe to let you suffer through another dating season filled with cliche ideas. After the jump, some alternatives to the autumn dates you’ve already been there and done. Keep reading »

Bad Dating Habits It’s Time To Give Up

It’s National Singles Week, so why not take this time to refresh your dating life? After all, the changing of the seasons is always a great time to reassess your well-being. Here are some bad dating and relationship habits to swear off. And if you’re taken, we’ve got some tips for you, too. Read more at Tres Sugar…

Office Husband Or Office Crush: 6 Subtle Ways To Tell The Difference

Earlier this week, a woman wrote to Betches Love This for advice about a case of “the work weirds.” She complained about a “clingy male coworker” who seems to be paying “special attention” to her:

“He invites me to random parties he hosts, pries into my personal life, and offers to help me with my work (when it’s unnecessary).  I always say I’m busy/ignore him/give one word answers but he isn’t getting the message. He will also do things like comment on a phone conversation he overheard me having or talk to me on office communicator while staring at me.”

Although the advice columnist didn’t seem to pick up on it (she suggested that the guy isn’t interested, he’s just weird), it seems pretty obvious to me that this “clingy male coworker” wants to date this woman. Here’s the thing: male/female office relationships can be confusing. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if that dude at work is flirting with you because you spend so many hours sitting next to each other, eating breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner together, that you can become immune to signals. Romantic feelings can easily be mistaken for the kind of intimacy that blossoms when you’re comfortable enough to fart in front of someone. So how can you tell the subtle difference between an office crush and an office husband? I’ve laid out a few behavioral tip-offs so that you can turn that “clingy male coworker” into a committed office husband (seriously! If that’ all he wants, put him to work and have him refill your water bottle!) or let him down gently if he’s crushing and you’re not. Or better yet…if you’re both into each other, go make out with him in the break room right now (but we urge  you to consider the pros and cons of dating a coworker first). Keep reading »

Date-Ade Episode 6: On Subway Clowns & Samadhi

Date-Ade Episode 6: On Subway Clowns & Samadhi
Sometimes It's OK To Be The Clown In Your Relationship
Date-Ade Ep. 5
Date-Ade Episode 5: On Trouser Pieces & Stick Shifts
Every trouser piece is different. Read More »

This week on Date-Ade – a stream of consciousness advice series for stressed daters — I talk to Rebecca about lightening up the mood in her relationship with the help of clowns.

If you have a sex, dating or relationship dilemma that you’d like for me to try to illuminate (no promises), send your questions to date-ade@thefrisky.com.

Dating Don’ts: 3 Reasons Why Your Single Friends Don’t Want To Join You On Relationship Island

Dating Don'ts: Love Crazed?
How not to be one of those annoying, love-crazed types. Read More »
Dating Don'ts: Phases
The Breakup Phase You Never Saw Coming
The breakup phase you didn't see coming. Read More »
Dating Don'ts: Fake Friend
Dating Don'ts: Why Platonic Friends Shouldn't Fake-Friend The New Girlfriend
Fake friending sucks for all ladies. Read More »
Dating Dont's: Relationship Island

Are you caught up in a new relationship? Has your humdrum existence been enlivened by late weeknights laying in bed and giggling, or gazing into the eyes of a magical creature? Do you find yourself stunned by the creature’s beauty, dazed by the fact that you’ve found just the right person? Do you spend Sunday mornings making coffee for two, arranging artful piles of the paper on your coffee table and reading with your head on your beloved’s lap and your feet in a sunbeam? Have you forgotten what your friends look like?  Congratulations, you’re on Relationship Island! Keep reading »

8 Pieces Of Dating Wisdom I Wish I Could Have Given My Single Self

8 Pieces Of Dating Wisdom I Would Have Given My Single Self

There were many low points in my eight years (more or less) as a single person. One in particular was in December of 2010, right around my 32nd birthday. Funny that I can’t even remember why it was a low point. Probably because I had created some kind of timeline where I imagined that I should have been in a relationship by that point. To cope with all the hopelessness, bitterness, loneliness, panic, frustration and feelings of failure I was experiencing, I wrote an open letter to my single self. Although I didn’t believe it at the time, I gave myself the most awesome advice. To quote myself to myself (how meta), my main point was that I should be patient and do nothing:

“In waiting, you’ve grown impatient at times and have tried to force things that weren’t meant to be, fought too hard for something that you knew was wrong, held on too tight to something that was already dead and gone, or pushed people away out of fear. No more of that. The only thing left for you to do now is NOTHING … Love is a mystery that you can’t harness or control or elicit or will. Accept that it’s a mystery and sit down, shut up, enjoy your freaking life, and patiently wait your turn.”

Keep reading »

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