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6 Dating Rituals That Have Become Extinct Because Of The Internet

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I was watching the vintage “Real World” marathon this past weekend on MTV. On the San Francisco season, you may remember that episode where Rachel goes to a coffee shop to give her number to a dude. It doesn’t end up working out, but oh man, this scene gave me a crazy bout of dating nostalgia. I started remembering all the things I used to have to do (most of them terribly embarrassing) when I liked someone. Before the days of Facebook and Google, it took some serious ingenuity just to figure out a guy’s last name. I had to stalk a guy at Little Caesar’s Pizza every day after work just to get his phone number! That’s a lot of individual pizzas to order on an allowance! You have to really like the person to put in that kind of financial commitment. And if they like you back? Whoa. Now it’s all a mouse click away. It’s just too easy. Let’s reminisce some of those extinct pre-Internet dating rituals. Keep reading »

Don’t Worry, Victorian Era Dating Was Also Completely Confusing

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If you think dating is complicated now, wait until you see how frigging confusing dating in the Victorian era was. Sure, there were all the constricting social rules and mores that dictated how one was supposed to behave. But there was also an esoterically complicated thing called “Handkerchief Code.” Check out the must-know hankie rules after the jump!

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Sweaty Apples, Dance Cards & Dainty Gloves — Dating Rituals From Days Of Yore

Dating is a verifiable mess these days, but oh, it was so much weirder and wilder back in ye olde times (not counting that date you went on with the “Welcome Back Kotter” obsessive). We’ve found some of the more random traditions and customs of days gone by for you to stick your smelly apples into (you’ll see what we mean in a minute)…

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