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Daphne Guinness Debuts Her First Music Video Out Of Left Field

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Rarely, if ever, does a famous face not known primarily for their vocal prowess come out with a song that’s actually good, let alone something that a jaded consumer like myself might voluntarily listen to. With that said, hellooooooo, Daphne Guinness! I certainly didn’t see this one coming from any direction, but here it is — the artist, avant-garde sartorial star, and, yes, heir to the Guinness throne has released the music video for her first single, “Fatal Flaw.” Directed by photographer Nick Knight, the video is a lovely accompaniment to what is a legitimately listenable tune. The New Yorker reports that Guinness once aspired to train as an operatic soprano, but what we’re getting here is more of a Nico vibe, albeit less gravelly, less German, and … less sublime. But it’s good! I would Spotify the shit out of her album, to be sure. [Jezebel]

Daphne Guinness Doesn’t Eat

“I’ll eat when I’m dead.”

–Brit designer addict and heiress Daphne Guinness on how she stays thin enough to fit into her couture collection. The 43-year-old subsists on Red Bull and Ensure nutrition shakes and allegedly refused a plate of pasta during a photo shoot because “If I eat, I can’t work.” Her collection of designer items, which includes a vast array of Alexander McQueen garments, is currently on display at the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. [ONTD] Keep reading »

Would You Wear: Gaspard Yurkievich’s Lace Boob Shirt?

For all of the bizarre trends that come through fashion, you’ll find at least a few people who are able to wear any particular strange style. Take, for instance, Daphne Guinness who is at the forefront of wild style. But what about us regular gals, ones who pinch pennies and maybe have a little cushion for the pushing? Keep reading »

Daphne Guinness Explains Why She Stopped Christie’s Auction Of Isabella Blow’s Belongings

In an unusually moving story for the Financial Times, heiress and fashion icon Daphne Guinness explains why she stopped the Christie’s London auction of the late fashion editor Isabella Blow’s belongings. Blow, who committed suicide three years ago and was well known for having “discovered” Alexander McQueen and her over-the-top Philip Treacy hats, was a close friend of Guinness, an heir to the Guinness beer fortune. After her death, Blow’s things were set to be auctioned off by the house in order to raise funds to pay off her debts. Her fashion archive includes one-of-a-kind McQueen garments, a trove of Treacy hats, and a hot pink Jun Takahashi burka in which Blow caused a sensation at a Paris fashion show. As Guinness reveals, this collection was a testament to Blow’s unique, pioneering fashion spirit, and “the auction would not be merely a sale of clothes; it would be a sale of what was left of Issie, and the carrion crows would gather and take away her essence forever.” So, in order to preserve her friend’s style archive, Guinness bought the entire lot and stopped the auction before it could start. “[I]t needs to be kept whole,” she writes of Blow’s legacy, “it is like a diary, a journey of a life, and a living embodiment of the dearest, most extraordinary friend.” [Financial Times] Keep reading »

Style Buzz: Mega Shoes And Marilyn Monroe DNA Perfume

  • Designer Tara Subkoff may not get the $175,000 her friends raised for her to recover from her brain tumor removal. The money’s currently being held by the New York Foundation for the Arts and it’s hard to tell whether it’s all a misunderstanding or there’s some shady business going on. [The Cut]
  • Daphne Guinness claims that those insane McQueen shoes everyone’s always talking about are actually pretty lightweight. Right *eyeroll*. [Fashionista]

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An Interview With Jewelry Designer Shaun Leane

My favorite jewelry designer — well, except for Tiffany, of course — is Shaun Leane, the man behind some of the most outrageous jewelry and accessories that you may have seen being worn on the runway by Alexander McQueen models. On the W blog, there’s a new fast and dirty interview with the British jewelry designer in which he talks about making the silver armor hand piece that you see here for fashion icon Daphne Guinness, how long it takes to make a coiled metal corset that a runway model can actually wear, and why his favorite McQueen show involved paint-spraying robots. My favorite Leane piece is this diamonds-and-thorns-encrusted black heart locket. It has a little window in the back that lets you put a tiny keepsake inside it. Now if only I had £7,800.00. [W] Keep reading »

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