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Stephen Baldwin: Gay For Pay, Jerk For Free

Oh, the ’90s. We were so oblivious, from Hammer pants to using “Baldwin” as a synonym for “babe” like Cher did in Clueless. But a decade later, “clueless” and Baldwin unfortunately seem more synonymous. With Daniel failing rehab, brother Alec, award-winning star of 30 Rock, knows he has bigger problems in his family than Stephen, the born again Christian, who has been openly denouncing gay marriage. (Um, no wonder Stephen doesn’t work in Hollywood anymore.) In a recent interview with the The Advocate, super liberal Alec called his brother’s position ignorant, but added that people like him only help gay causes “raise money” and awareness. Still, it’s kind of a funny stance for Stephen, who is probably best remembered for his role in the controversial ’90s movie Threesome which featured a sex scene between him, a woman (Lara Flynn Boyle), and another man (’90s heartthrob Josh Charles). Let’s be real here, Stephen, we all saw you grabbing that guy’s butt on film! So, if gay marriage really freaks you out, maybe it hits too close to home. Besides if it’s legal for ignoramuses, why shouldn’t it be legal for everyone? [Queerty] Keep reading »

Daniel Baldwin: Black Eyed Please

Porn star Mary Carey has been trying to clean up her act in Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab on VH1. The lovable blonde cutie has been successfully searching for a way to feel like her sexy self while staying sober. Honest and adorable, Miss Mary has made her way into our heart. Unfortunately, the hanger-on/genetic mutation that is Daniel Baldwin disrespected the lady, sending her dirty texts and pictures of his “manhood” and then harassed her to do the same while in the rehab facility. Worse yet, Daniel Baldwin is married with a baby on the way. Yuck, just thinking about him makes us want to spray some disinfectant! Although, after episode five he left the center to seemingly flee punishment for his actions, but it looks like he finally got what was coming to him. Mary Carey and the pregnant Mrs. Baldwin have been talking on the phone and Daniel was just spotted sporting quite the shiner. Whether the black eye is from his wife, Mary Carey, or any other women he’s insulted, it is well-deserved. So if you see Daniel Baldwin, feel free to do your part. We here at The Frisky recommend using the hand with the most rings. [TMZ] Keep reading »

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