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The Daily Squeeze: Rose Trends for Valentine’s Day, Vibrator or Bomb?, and Long Legs All Around

  • An Australian florist has noted two trends for Valentine’s Day this year: requests for black and beheaded roses and people sending flowers to themselves. [PR Web]
  • A Swedish bomb squad was called to the scene after a janitor discovered a suspicious, buzzing package. Turns out, there was only a sex toy inside. Next time you mail a vibrator, don’t forget to remove the batteries. [Yahoo!]
  • Both sexes are more attracted to leggier specimens, but not people with ridiculously long legs. Those were a turn-off. Someone get us a ruler. [Earth Times]
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    The Daily Squeeze: A Wife In A Brothel, A Man In A Wedding Dress, And A Reason For Divorce

  • A Polish man stopped by his local brothel only to find his wife working there. There goes that 14-year marriage. [Reuters]
  • More men than women (22 percent vs. 11 percent) cite sex as the reason for their divorce. We could have guessed that. [Divorce360]
  • A man’s family found out he was a transvestite when he arrived at his wedding reception wearing a dress. Still, he/she looked beautiful. [Daily Mail]
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    The Daily Squeeze: Sexless Turtles, Women’s Viagra, and Obvious Sex Statistics

  • A new Florida law makes it illegal to allow turtles to reproduce. Those poor, sexually repressed Floridian turtles. [CBS 13]
  • The University of Virginia is testing a new drug that could raise the libido of women with little interest in sex. If testing goes well, women with hypoactive sexual desire disorder will be able to rub a dab of LibiGel onto her upper arm, and for 24 hours, she’ll get an energy and libido boost. LibiGel all around! [ABC]
  • New Jersey men have more sex than New Jersey women. And they’re not having sex as often as they’d like — but 68 percent said they had sex in the past year, so at least they have that going for them. [Newsday]
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