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Here’s A First Peek At The D.C. Zoo’s New Baby Panda!

baby panda
Baby Panda! Baby Panda! Baby Panda!

Not one of my friends alerted me to this (days-old) video of the National Zoo’s new baby panda with her mom, Mei Xiang. I had to find it myself on my daily “new baby panda video” rounds. Thanks for nothing, everyone. None of you are invited on my own personal panda pilgrimage to Washington, D.C. when he/she/it reaches peak puffball. None, I say.  [DCist]

Meet Happie, The Guinness World Record Holder For Farthest Distance Skateboarded By A Goat

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Skateboarding Goat
Go, Happie, go!

Florida resident Melody Cooke had a problem. Her pet goat Happie kept trying to get on her bike while she was riding it. Worried that Happie would hurt herself, she did the sensible thing and gave her goat a skateboard to play with instead. She didn’t realize that her quick fix would lead to a Guinness World Record, but that’s exactly what happened. Happie proved to be such a talented skateboarder that earlier this year she earned the coveted record for Farthest Distance Skateboarded By A Goat with a ride of 118 feet. “It feels like a dream,” says Cooke. “I can’t believe that first of all she has a Guinness World Record, and second of all she skateboards, and she’s a goat.” [YouTube]

Italy’s Smallest Pony Has Been Pony-napped!

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At just two feet tall, an Italian pony named Charly is one of the smallest of his kind, and now he’s gone missing. Late last week, Charly was snoozing in his stall at the National Horse Fair of Città di Castello, where he was scheduled to perform, when thieves cut through the fence, nabbed the tiny equine, and sprinted across a tobacco field to a nearby getaway car. Charly’s owner Bartolo Messina discovered his prize pony was missing the following morning, and is devastated by the crime. “I never imagined having to write this but unfortunately it has happened and I feel empty, violated and destroyed!” He posted on Facebook. “Help me to find him, whoever has news … please contact me!” Italian police believe Charly’s captors may demand ransom for his return.

Charly, if you’re reading this, we will never give up hope for your safe return, even if that means going door-to-door to collect donations to pay your ransom. Who wants to chip in a dollar? Let’s bring Charly home! [Huffington Post]

When Joseph Gordon-Levitt Snuggles A Kitten, Life Is Good

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It’s been a long, tough week and I’ve been having ALL THE FEELINGS. But one little picture in OUT magazine of Joseph Gordon-Levitt snuggling a behbeh kitteh and my heart rate instantly slows. Well played, prop stylist, well played. [OUT]

I Want To Eat This Adorable Cat Face

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jarvis the cat

Look, I wouldn’t really eat a cat. Or a cat face. But there are no words for how scrumptiously adorable this little cross-eyed tabby cat is. This is Jarvis P. Weasely, a stray brought to the Saving Grace Animal Rescue in San Francisco, California, when he was just four weeks old. That’s where a woman named Daria found him, and decided to foster him. She explained:

“I used to oversee the kitten fostering program at Oakland Animal Services (OAS) a few years back. When I would go to the shelter, I would always look in on Jarvis because he was soooo adorable and scruffy. I was fostering kittens at my house but I couldn’t take him home as he had a bad URI… Some days he would vertically leap around the kennel which I always assumed were jumps for joy, but more likely he saw ghost. Once the kittens were out of my house, I brought him home to ‘foster’. He never left! He is here, has a home, drives me crazy, and is loved immensely.”

Jarvis has a slight depth perception problem, thanks to the lazy eye, but is otherwise perfectly healthy and happy. And super, super cute. [LoveMeow]

It’s Time To Cry: Sarah Silverman’s Dog Died And She Wrote The Most Beautiful Obit For Him

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Don’t mind me, just bawling at my desk because Sarah Silverman’s 19-year-old dog Duck died and she wrote the loveliest obituary for him. It will rip your heart open and make you want to run home and squeeze the bejeezus out of your pet, which is what I am going to do right now. Luuuuuuuucccccca! Mommy loves you so much!!!! Sob. RIP Duck Silverman. You were clearly a great dog and very, very loved. [Who Say]

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