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Beluga Whale Steals The Show, Possibly Tries To Eat Small Child

A guy on Capasin took his kids to the local aquarium and ended up with this awesome beluga whale photobomb. Both the kids and the whale look super excited to get their pictures taken. [Reddit]

Stingray Photobomb!
Classic! Read More »

Adorably Useless Sloth Facts

Sloths On the Potty
Sloths learn potty training. Watch »
Kristen Loves Sloths
Kristen Bell freaks out over a sloth on "Ellen." Read More »
Sloth Bath
Baby sloths at bath time. Watch »
Look At Those Faces!

We may not be sloth fans of the same caliber of Kristen Bell, who gets worked into a crying fit whenever she’s near a sloth. But we think sloths look damn cute in a onesie, taking a bath, or yawning. If you agree, here are some useless sloth facts to impress your friends in advance of the impending sloth-pacalypse. I made that last part up. There is no sloth-pacalypse. [Geekosystem]

Be My Boyfriend (Someday): Evan, The 10-Year-Old Cat Lover Who Donates His Allowance To Save Kitties

Dear Evan,

I realize that at 10, you’re a bit too young to actually be my boyfriend. However, I’d just like to give you a shout out, as a fellow cat lover and feline fanatic. In 2009, when you were just seven years old, you donated your entire year’s worth of allowance to help save animals at City Kitties in Philadelphia, and have done so every year since. I understand you’ve now got three cats, and are well on your way to being a bonafide crazy cat person, and I, for one, couldn’t be more thrilled. Keep reading »

Be My BF: Heavy Metal
He gets disability for his heavy metal addiction. Read More »
Be My BF: Gassy Chef
Congratulations on farting on all of your employees, sexy! Read More »
Be My BF: Poem Tattoo
We love his poem tattoo. Read More »

Catmoji Is Pinterest For Crazy Cat People

Best Internet Cats
The 10 Greatest Cats On The Internet Ever
The 10 best cats on the Internet, ever. Read More »

Feeling like Pinterest and Instagram aren’t really covering your demographic? Too many decadent desserts and not enough … cats? Then Catmoji might be your image posting site of choice. Founded by two Malaysia developers and cat fanatics, the site offers users the chance to upload their favorite cat pics, and browse the cat pics of others, offering the ability to tag pics according to the emotions (hence the name Catmoji) they inspire.

So stop clogging up your regular Facebook feed with pictures of your cat Mr. Fluffers stretching out in the sun, and get ‘em over to Catmoji. [Catmoji.com]

Xiao Liwu The Baby Panda Gets A Checkup

Panda Belly Rub
baby panda SD zoo
Watch this baby panda get a bully rub at the San Diego Zoo. Read More »
Pandas As Pets
baby panda photo
Yanni, of all people, owns one as a pet. Read More »
No Panda Sex
pandas photo
No sex for Edinburgh Zoo pandas, despite some romantic wrestling. Read More »
baby panda
Oh, Baby!

Over the summer, a baby panda named Xiao Liwu was born at the San Diego Zoo, inspiring delight in Jessica Wakeman’s cubicle, and a few months later we watched him get his first adorable baby panda belly rub. Now, here’s Xiao Liwu getting his 22-week checkup over New Year’s. And also learning the hard way that tires have holes in the inside that you can fall through!

He’ll soon be on display to the public, which means it’s time for a Frisky reader in San Diego to put me up on the couch/bail me out of jail when I get arrested for trespassing. Any takers? Smokers and Tea Party Republicans need not apply. [Neatorama]

Not A Fan Of Dogs Or Cats? Try A Therapy Llama

Comfort comes in all shapes and sizes, and patients at Washington’s Bellingham Health and Rehabilitation Center get treated to sweet visits from a therapy llama. The llama lives at neighboring JNK Farms, and comes by every couple of months for cuddles and treats. Filmmaker Jen Osbourne made a short film about the special bond between patient and llama, titled “Llama Love.” You can watch it here. [Laughing Squid]

Ahhh! Chips The Baby Bobcat “Too Nice” To Return To The Wild

Cat Love
20 reasons it's better to share your bed with a cat than with a man. Read More »
Man Jumps In Tiger Cage
A man jumped into the tiger cage the Bronx Zoo! Read More »

Look at that face! That’s the furry visage of Chips the Bobcat, who was discovered by firefighters while fighting a major forest fire in Plumas National Forest in California. She was discovered with burned paws and an eye infection, and was nursed back to health by the folks at Sierra Wildlife Rescue. The only problem? She’s now a bit too domesticated, so volunteers have been devising challenges to make her a bit more wild. No, they don’t involve tequila and karaoke marathons. Instead, Chips now must chase mice and rabbits for her meals and has a new, harder bed to sleep on. Life ain’t so cushy in the wild. [Huffington Post]

15 Reasons Why We Love Cats

The internet has long had a love affair with cats. Some people even go so far as to insist that the internet is made of cats. We’re not quite sure why this is. We can’t say why the internet loves cats, but we can try to explain why we do. Inspired by this thread on Reddit, we’ve chosen our favorite gifs that illustrate why we love cats. Try not to get too excited. Read more…

The 12 Days Of Catsmas: Day 12

On the 12th day of Catsmas, my true love gave to me…

1 Deeply Annoyed Lucca Pup Wrapped In Christmas Lights!

On The 11th Day Of Catsmas
...my true love gave to me, two puppies wearing Christmas bows! Read More »
On the 10th Day of Catsmas
...my true love gave to me, 3 dogs dressed as elves! Read More »
On the 9th Day of Catsmas
...my true love gave to me, four cats gift-wrapped! Read More »

The 2012 Frisky Give Guide: The Good Dog Foundation

Give To Girls, Inc.
Support girls through mentoring and hands-on training. Read More »
Give To Wounded Warriors
Support our troops when they come home. Read More »
Comfort Dogs
Amidst the Newtown tragedy, a furry paw of comfort. Read More »

This holiday season, The Frisky staff is committed to giving back. Throughout the month of December we’ll be telling you about some of the charities and nonprofits that we support, why they’re important to us, and how you can support them too, if you’re so inclined. 

Who they are: The Good Dog Foundation

What they do: The Good Dog Foundation is devoted to bringing people who are suffering — from trauma, from loss, from illness, etc. — the comfort offered by the nonjudgemental love and support of specially trained therapy dogs. They provide therapy dog services to people in health care, social service, educational and community facilities in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts, and at disaster sites around the country. (Currently, a similar group has sent therapy dogs to Newtown, CT, in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings.) Keep reading »

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