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The “Cotton-Eyed Joe” Flamingo Is My Muse

Pup Walks!
Your Daily Squee Mick The Boston Terrier Pup Learns To Walk
Disabled pup learns to walk again. Watch »
Sloth Smothers Cat
sloth cat
A handsy sloth gets all up in this poor kitty's business. Read More »
Drunk Monkeys
These monkeys are alcoholics. Watch »
Spin It Out!
Flamingo Dancing To Cotton Eyed Joe
Best Video Of The Year?

Sometimes the internet just nails it. Thank you, YouTube user Yababoon Works, whoever you are, for my early favorite for Best Viral Video Of 2013. From now until forever, use the “Cotton-Eyed Joe” flamingo to hit the reset button on your brain. Beware: there’s a good chance this song will be stuck in your head for days. If that happens, just spin it out. [Huffintgton Post]

Let Baby Hedgehog Vs. T-Shirt Soothe Your Soul

Meet Sugar Bush
sugar bush
Sugar Bush is the most spoiled squirrel in the world. Watch »
Puppy Bowl Hedgehogs!
There will be hedgehog cheerleaders at the 2013 Puppy Bowl! Read More »
Sloth Hugs Cat
sloth cat
More like sloth smothers cat. Watch »
Who Will Win?
I know how this hedgehog feels...

How this baby hedgehog feels wrestling this t-shirt is pretty much exactly how I felt about this week. I just kept chewing and chewing and chewing and the t-shirt wouldn’t give. It’s been a crappy one but it’s almost over. In the end, the baby hedgehog prevails, I think. At least that’s the way I’m interpreting it. I don’t know. I’m gonna go pop a few Tylenol and watch this video again. That should do the trick. [Huffington Post]

Hamster Makes Pretzel Stick Its Bitch

Ponies In Sweaters
This is an ad for Scotland. BEEEPPPPPP! Read More »
Choupette's Back?
choupette chanel video
Well, sort of. Watch »
White Lion Cubs
OMG. That's cute. Watch »
Eat That Snack!
Will it fit in there?

This video, aptly titled “Mission Possible,” has been my go-to for self-soothing all week. The concept is fairly simple: a hamster attempts to eat one of those giant pretzel sticks. It’s a nail-biter. Will the pretzel stick fit in the hamster’s body? Will it pierce through the hamster’s heart and kill it? Miraculously, the hamster makes that pretzel stick its bitch, proving that hamster bodies are actually made of marshmallows. [You Tube]

Sexy Snail Showering

Officer Hedgehog
This hedgehog is ready for battle. Read More »
Dog & Cat Love
This dog and cat have something weird going on. Watch »
This snail should be a stripper

Did I just call a snail sexy? Yes, I did. Ewwww! A personal all-time low. Anyhow, what I was trying to get at was the way the snail is moving around the water stream. It’s not unlike the way a stripper undulates around a pole. Fascinating. And so unsettling at the same time. [Buzzfeed]

Watch Pawdele’s “Digging In The Deep”

Adele's Ex-Boyfriend
Adele and her notorious ex are still buds. Read More »
"Ima Read" Feat. Dogs
This song needed a doggie remix. Watch »
A dog covers Adele's "Rolling In The Deep"

Meet Pawdele, the latest canine star to emerge from The Pet Collective. Enjoy her soul stirring rendition of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep,” aptly renamed “Digging In The Deep.” This bitch’s performance is so convincing. I hope that Pawdele’s ex didn’t leave her for another man the way Adele’s did. [Buzzfeed]

Meet Fred, The Psychic Ferret

Rabbit Fever
We're really looking forward to the documentary "Rabbit Fever." Watch »
Painting Horse
This mini-horse is an artist. Watch »
Watch Video

Fred the ferret isn’t the first animal to be blessed with psychic abilities, but he may be the cutest. Not that ferrets are cute, per se, but in the world of psychic animals, Fred is at least a little bit fluffy. I mean, it’s hard to get excited about a psychic octopus. I’m referring to Paul, the sea creature who predicted Germany’s 2010 World Cup wins with frightening accuracy. There’s also a psychic parrot and a sheep, but I don’t care much about them. Anyhow, back to Fred. The Ukrainian rodent is on board to predict the outcomes of the Euro 2012 games. How will he do that without being able to speak you ask? He will be put in a “Fan Zone” where plates of food bearing flags of competing teams will be placed. Fred will have 15 minutes to eat off of one of the plates. Whichever one he chows will be the winner. That sounds more exciting to me than watching the actual games. I hope they are planning to televise Fred’s Fan Zone sessions. [Telegraph UK]

This Elephant Is Probably A Better Musician Than You

Astro Animal Companions
What pet is best suited to your sign? Read More »
Lion And Baby
This lion thinks this baby is a zebra. Watch »
Watch Video

It looks like animals can be just as musically inclined as humans are. I’m now a fan of Shanthi, the world’s most musical elephant. She’s not touring right now, but you can catch one of her harmonica ditties if you go visit Washington D.C.’s National Zoo, where she lives. Or you can wait for her music to become available on Spotify. Imagine how good she’d be if she had lessons. [Buzzfeed]

A Poop Break Cost This Pup The Win At Crufts

Baby Sloth Onesie
You need to see this baby sloth in a onesie. Watch »
Drunk Monkeys
These monkeys are alcoholics. Watch »
Rabbit Fever
We're really looking forward to the documentary "Rabbit Fever." Watch »
Watch Video

Don’t you just hate when nature calls at the most inopportune moments? Libby, a five-year-old cross breed, was having a great run on the obstacle course at the 2012 Crufts dog show, when she had the overwhelming urge to stop and take a dump. Maybe she ate too much, or it was nerves. Either way, a dog’s gotta do what a dog’s gotta do. Unfortunately, Libby was disqualified for her ill-timed poop break. Next year, we hope she’ll eat less fiber before she hits the floor. [Buzzfeed]

Squirrel Friend In A Coma

Sloth Bath
Baby sloths at bath time. Watch »
Watch Video

Squirrel Friend in a coma. I know, I know. It’s serious. If you can think of a better one-liner to describe this video of a fat squirrel who overdid it on the nuts, please share. [Does she have diabetes like Paula Deen? It reminds me of when Maury Povich used to rescue obese people from their houses. I'm sad about the squirrel. -- Editor] [Morrissey was sad about his girlfriend in a coma too. -- Ami] [But it's Morrissey, so he was kind of happy at the same time. -- Julie] [Buzzfeed]

This Is How A Two-Legged Pig Walks

Porcupine Eats Corn
This porcupine refuses to share his corn. Watch »
Bat Milkshake
Vampire bat drinks a milkshake. Read More »
Watch Video

I love a good survival story. This exceptional pig, hailing from China, was born without his hind legs. Instead of curling up in his trough and waiting to become bacon, he adapted to his disability, learning to walk on his front legs by catapulting his 60+ lb. body into a handstand. Those who know him call him “strong pig.” Maybe next he’ll learn to fly. [Huffington Post]

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