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Dude Sees A Kangaroo Hopping Around Oklahoma, Goes Buckwild

Dude Sees A Kangaroo Hopping Around Oklahoma, Goes Buckwild
What The Crap?

While on a hunting trip near Adair, Oklahoma, Andrew Rice spotted a “fucking kangaroooooooo” and posted the video on his Facebook page. Of course, it’s insane to see a random kangaroo hopping around the middle of the United States and Rice’s reaction — equal parts crazy excitement and wondering “what the crap” was going on  — helped the video go viral.  Don’t worry about the kangaroo, after Rice’s sighting, it was discovered that the animal had escaped from a private owner who recaptured it unharmed Monday afternoon. I would like to see this video get autotuned. [Daily Pics And Flicks]

The Daily Squee: If These Micro Piglets Can Exercise, So Can You

Run piggies, RUN!
The Daily Squee: If These Micro Piglets Can Exercise, So Can You
Who Says Pigs Are Lazy?

If these micro piglets can take time out of their holiday schedule do some exercise, you can certainly motivate to go on a slow-paced, post-Thanksgiving walk around the block with your family (minus the squealing). [Daily Picks And Flicks]

Gremlin Gets A Manicure To Be The Dog Of Honor At Owner’s Wedding

Doggie Manicures
Gremlin gets pampered for her owner's big day!

In order to prep to be the Dog of Honor at her owners’ wedding, princess of the house Gremlin got her paws did. Dog manicures interest me very much. But I find myself far more interested in the back story about Gremlin and Mariesa’s “strained relationship” and the dog’s illness. What happened!? I need all the dogssip.

My preliminary research informed me that Gremlin’s owners, Mariesa and Chris are a newlywed couple with eight rescue dogs — Gremlin, Meatball, Money, The Stig, Moses, Tejas, Quinn, and Sammy –who donate all proceeds from their YouTube videos to pay shelter dogs’ vet bills to help them become more adoptable and find their forever homes. OK. Slay me in the heart. I have to go back and watch all the “Life In The Doghouse” videos now. [YouTube via Jezebel]

This Baby Goat Can’t Stop Hating On Her Own Reflection

OMG! Goat GIFs!!
Baby goat gifs
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We know just how she feels

It’s painful (literally) to watch baby goat Charlotte hate on her own reflection by headbutting herself repetitively. Well, maybe she thinks it’s another goat in there and she’s telling it to fuck off. Either way, we’ve all been there. Especially on Monday mornings. [Buzzfeed]

The “Cotton-Eyed Joe” Flamingo Is My Muse

Pup Walks!
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Sloth Smothers Cat
sloth cat
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Spin It Out!
Flamingo Dancing To Cotton Eyed Joe
Best Video Of The Year?

Sometimes the internet just nails it. Thank you, YouTube user Yababoon Works, whoever you are, for my early favorite for Best Viral Video Of 2013. From now until forever, use the “Cotton-Eyed Joe” flamingo to hit the reset button on your brain. Beware: there’s a good chance this song will be stuck in your head for days. If that happens, just spin it out. [Huffintgton Post]

Let Baby Hedgehog Vs. T-Shirt Soothe Your Soul

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sugar bush
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Sloth Hugs Cat
sloth cat
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Who Will Win?
I know how this hedgehog feels...

How this baby hedgehog feels wrestling this t-shirt is pretty much exactly how I felt about this week. I just kept chewing and chewing and chewing and the t-shirt wouldn’t give. It’s been a crappy one but it’s almost over. In the end, the baby hedgehog prevails, I think. At least that’s the way I’m interpreting it. I don’t know. I’m gonna go pop a few Tylenol and watch this video again. That should do the trick. [Huffington Post]

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