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Custom Dresses: A Fitting Option For Brides?

OK, so level with me here: What are your thoughts on custom dresses? What about custom wedding dresses? I’m 99.9 percent positive that I’m going to get a custom wedding dress, and before you call me fancy-shmancy, it isn’t a made-for-me Vera Wang or custom Oscar de la Renta. Even better, as far as I’m concerned—it’s from a dressmaker on Etsy named Sarah Seven. She does these gorge, ethereal, floaty dresses and I’m thinking the above one—in white—will be the perfect dancing/reception dress. (What do you think? Be honest!) Yes, it’s strapless, but my walking-down-the-aisle dress has definite straps and I wanted a total departure. (Also, don’t think I’m breaking the bank on gowns here; together they both cost way less than the cheapest of the seriously cheap dresses I looked at—I was practically laughed out of shops when I mentioned my budget.) But here’s the thing: it’s custom. And while pretty on the model, the model I am most definitely not, which creates major room for error (aka a dress that looks like crap on me). Should I pull the trigger and order one? I got a bit of advice, which helps …
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