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“Cunt” Is Added To The Oxford English Dictionary

… along with cunting, cunted and cunty.  [TIME]
Check out Anita Hill on “The Daily Show” and make sure not to miss my interview with Freida Lee Mock, the director of the new documentary “ANITA,” about Hill’s life. [The Daily Show]
Why Sheryl Sandberg’s “ban ‘bossy'” campaign isn’t such a hot idea.

Jessica Wakeman / March 14, 2014

Poll: Is The C-Word No Big Deal Or Totally Offensive?

Ohh, the C-word. We’ve had many discussions about how it’s used, why it’s used, where it came from and whether or not it’s offensive, but this morning, one Miley Cyrus helped propel the word “cunt” back into the spotlight.
Just called this paparazzi a CUNT. So before he makes breaking “news” out if it.

Katie Oldenburg / September 5, 2013