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Jaycee Lee Dugard’s Diary Makes Us Sad

Phil Garrido‘s trial begins on Feb. 26. In the meantime, he is trying to force prosecuters to reveal where Jaycee Lee Dugard, the woman he kidnapped and than held prisoner for 18 years, fathering two children with her, is hiding. Apparently, Garrido had set up a plan in case Jaycee was ever found—she was supposed to go to a specific lawyer, who would communicate with Garrido off the record. Luckily, she didn’t and prosecuters are seeking a protective order to make sure Garrido stops trying to contact her.

To this end, they’ve released some excerpts of a diary Jaycee kept during her ordeal. They’re pretty wrenching, and show just how much psychological power this dude wielded over her. Keep reading »

Dad Waterboards 4-Year-Old For Forgetting Her ABCs

Joshua Tabor, a 27-year-old soldier in Washington, won’t be winning any Father of the Year awards anytime soon. He got custody of his 4-year-old daughter a few weeks ago, and he’s already facing charges of second degree assault on a child. Why? When his daughter couldn’t recite her ABCs, Tabor and his girlfriend “held her down on the counter and submerged her head into the water three or four times until the water came around her forehead and jawline.” Those are his words. To put them into more commonly used terms—he waterboarded her. And the poor thing ran and locked herself in a closet because she was so scared. Apparently, this wasn’t the first case of Tabor abusing his daughter. Let’s just hope the girl’s mom will be picking her up shortly. [Newser] Keep reading »

Goth Kitties? Woman Busted For Piercing Cats’ Ears And Tails

Here’s a super not-cute cat tale. Pennsylvania dog groomer Holly Crawford had a genius idea. She’d take some kittens, pierce their ears, necks and tails, and market the little tykes on eBay as “Goth Kitties.” Last month, her home was raided and she was put on trial for animal cruelty. Crawford plead not guilty. “When I did it, it wasn’t with any cruel intentions,” she said. “They were definitely loved, well-fed, no fleas, clipped nails. And they were happy.” Her defense pointed out that parents pierce their kids ears all the time and that isn’t considered inhumane. Fine, except that Crawford used a 14-gauge needle for the piercings—the same type used for cattle—on little kittens. Plus, vets testified that the ear piercings very possibly damaged the cat’s hearing and that the neck and tail piercings could hinder their ability to balance and jump. Well, yesterday, a court found Crawford guilty. I’m kind of glad to hear that. I won’t lie. I’ve thought about dying a little streak of my cat‘s hair blue to match my own, but I know better than to actually do it. [Discover] Keep reading »

Charlie Sheen’s Car Stolen And Crashed

You are looking at Charlie Sheen‘s SUV crashed 100 feet below Mulholland Drive. No, Charlie was not in the car at the time. At 4 a.m. this morning, he got a call from OnStar saying that the vehicle had crashed and the airbags opened. Charlie had a security guard check, and—shocker—the car had, in fact, been stolen. Luckily, no one was in it when it crashed—the fire department checked with an infrared light. Which means that we’re able to joke about the situation. I’m kind of imagining Denise Richards putting a rock on the gas pedal and laughing while it flew past the guard rail. Or maybe a cousin of Brooke Mueller’s is to blame? Today is the day Charlie’s being charged with felony menacing and misdemeanor assault after allegedly holding a knife to Brooke’s throat. [TMZ] Keep reading »

Male Model Accused Of Offering Sex To Cops

It turns out that women aren’t the only ones who try to weasel their way out of a ticket. Nick Snider, who was Forbes’ 5th most successful male model in 2008, was arrested on Monday in Arkansas after drunkenly causing a domestic disturbance. Once in the patrol car (after he informed the arresting officers that he was “a very famous model”), Snider told one of the deputies, “If you stop I’ll suck your d**k and balls if you let me go.” As if this wasn’t bad enough, the Prada model continued to offer oral sex in exchange for his release to the booking jailer. Snider was charged with three misdemeanors, including attempting to illegally influence a public servant. Take it from the ladies, Nick: next time just start crying. [Huffington Post] Keep reading »

5 Reasons To Fear Teenage Girls

Yesterday, 15-year-old Tylar Witt pleaded not guilty to murdering her mother, Joanne Witt, last June in Northern California. The teenage girl says she was insane when she drugged her mother and boyfriend, 20-year-old Steven Colver, and stabbed her mom 20 times before slitting her throat. Apparently, Joanne had brought Tylar’s diary to the sheriff’s department, using it as evidence to accuse Colver of statutory rape. [People]

It’s not often that a 15-year-old girl is on trial for murder. And I say there is something especially scary about that—maybe because I’ve been a teenage girl and remember how scary girl fights were and how brutal mean girls could be. After the jump, a few other murderous teenage girls. Keep reading »

Help Put The Butt Bandit Behind Bars

OK, I’m still trying to get over my disgust of foot fetishes, but getting off on sniffing a stranger’s butt? Grosser than gross. A man in the U.K. is wanted by authorities for repeated counts of aggravated butt-sniffing. The “butt bandit” (that’s my new name for him) stalks his victims in grocery store aisles and while they are comparing labels, he silently brings nose to ass for a sniff. Noooo! Watch him in action as he is caught committing multiple acts of butt-sniffery on this supermarket surveillance tape. The “butt bandit” is considered armed (with a nose) and dangerous to all unsuspecting butts no matter size, shape, gender, or smelliness. This behavior is OK for dogs, but not at all for humans. [Huffington Post] Keep reading »

Was Amanda Knox Slut-Shamed Into A Murder Conviction?

On Friday, after nearly 14 hours of deliberation and a trial that spanned almost a full year, an Italian jury returned to the courtroom and delivered a verdict—Amanda Knox is guilty of murder, sexual assault, unlawful possession of a weapon, and staging a crime scene, and was sentenced to 26 years in prison plus fines of close to $7 million. Keep reading »

Grand Theft Fashion: Heiress Casey Johnson Accused Of Burglarizing Model’s Home

Model Jasmine Lennard came home to her Hollywood home after six weeks away to find her apartment trashed, her closet and jewelry box ransacked, and a used vibrator in her bed. Nice, right? Especially after all the cautionary stories about celebrity burglary victims lately. Then Jasmine got a text from her friend, Courtenay Semel. “There’s a problem, Jaz. Casey Johnson just got into bed with me and she is wearing your underwear …You need to call police. There are documents here, your shoes and your clothing—you need to call the police.”

Casey Johnson is a semi-boldfaced name — heir to the Johnson & Johnson fortune and daughter of New York Jets owner Robert Wood “Woody” Johnson. She’s made herself a gossip column fixture for accusing her aunt of seducing her boyfriend and having a fiery relationship with her on-and-off-again girlfriend Courtenay, who once set fire to her hair. Keep reading »

Diapered Astronaut Gets Slap On Wrist In Court

Remember Lisa Nowak, the astronaut turned would-be kidnapper? She stole a car to race to Florida, wearing a diaper so she wouldn’t have to stop since she was in such a hurry to put on a wig and mace her romantic rival, Air Force Captain Colleen Shipman. Well, Lisa just went to court. She originally faced felony charges, like attempted kidnapping, which could have gotten her life in prison, but the charges were reduced to misdemeanor battery and burglary of an automobile. And a judge also took it easy on her, only sentencing Lisa to a year of probation and requiring her to send an apology letter to Colleen, promising to stay far, far away. Colleen is now married to the man Lisa attacked her over, and since the happy couple lost their jobs in the fallout from the incident, they moved to Alaska to freelance. All’s well that ends well? [Newser] Keep reading »

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