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Would You Let OKCupid Set You Up On A Blind Date?

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Most daters tend to want as much information as possible when they walk into a room to meet someone. But OKCupid is banking on the idea that information is actually getting in the way. There’s no denying that dating online is a bonafide “thing” now, but some wonder how much it actually results in people meeting their match. After all, users can spends weeks or months communicating with a potential match without actually ever meeting up. OKCupid co-founder Sam Yagan wants to change all that — he believes people should spend more time dating and less time talking. So the company decided to relaunch an old blind dating app they created several years ago — now called Crazy Blind Date — which uses highly protected OKCupid algorithims to match daters with similar interests.

But would you use it?

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