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Give Yourself A Gold Star, Why Don’t Ya?

I’ve been searching for a star ring for awhile now, and this lovely specimen might be The One. It’s not too big, not too small, has a nice amount of sparkle without being gaudy, and it’s less than 30 bucks. Yep, I think this ring is about to land a starring role … on my index finger. [$28, Nordstrom]

A J’Adorable Tote Bag

Travel Diary: Paris!
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Paris is the city of my heart. Right now, I’m wandering the streets of Montmartre, eating sucre crepes, sipping café and contemplating what it means to be a bohemian in modern times. All I need for a day frolicking — a journal and a baguette — can be carried in this lovely Paris  map tote bag, which I can refer to should I get lost.[$19.99, ModCloth]

Booties To Shake Your Booty In

Do Not Want: Jean Sandal Boots
Yes, they exist, and yes, they're horrifying. Read More »

Most of my boots are vintage, because I have a hard time finding contemporary styles that I like. But it figures that when I do find something new that I think is awesome, it would cost a zillion dollars. I have really good and really expensive taste. Witness: These Belle by Sigerson Morrison boots. From the vintaged sole to the wide leg opening (wide leg openings I find more flattering because they make your legs look sooooo tiny), these boots are virtually perfect. Plus, they’re super comfortable for a heeled shoe, which makes them totally worth the price tag. [$450, Belle by Sigerson Morrison]

New Life Goal: Store Everything In Stackable Bottles

Fall Home Inspiration
Autumn-inspired pieces to spice up your place. Read More »

As soon as I saw these recycled glass stacking bottles, my mind started racing with all the things I wanted to store in them. I think I’ll use the large set to keep oils and vinegars in the kitchen, and the small set to keep bubble bath and body wash in the bathroom. And then I’ll start stacking other things in my life, like shoes and candles and the baby goats I’m hopefully getting for Christmas. [$14-$19 for a 3-piece set, West Elm]

Celestial Moisturizer Will Put Your Skin On Cloud Nine

A New Skincare Routine
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BTD: Dermalogica Skincare
Spendy? Yes. Worth it? Totally. Read More »

I am not what one would call a fickle person. For example, I’m loyal to the point of stupidity, and have been known to listen to the same song on repeat for months at a time without growing tired of it. My skin, on the other hand, could not be more capricious. One day I’m oily and prone to breakouts, and 24 hours later I’m red, irritated, and impossibly flaky. As it gets colder my skin becomes especially prone to such terrible sensitivity, and many moisturizers meant for dry, sensitive skin turn my face into — you guessed it — a pimply grease slick, which is exactly as gross (and potentially flammable) as it sounds. After several weeks of using LUSH Celestial Facial Moisturizer, I’ve nary a zit or dry spot in sight. Overzealous use of retinol acne treatments? Made out with someone with a particularly prickly beard? Rubbed faces with your cat too much? Celestial’s got you covered, and it’s even — gasp — light enough to use during the day. And the scent? It’s incredibly light and strangely delicious, thanks to a combination of vanilla water, almond milk, and orchid extract. Take it from me, a bonafide tried-it-all skincare junkie: Celestial is an absolute dream. [$24.95, LUSH]

In-Flight Aromatherapy

Bad Airplane Manners
airplane photo
A British socialite teaches us how not to behave on an airplane. Read More »

For those of us who are traveling this holiday season, get prepared for a long, exhausting day of waiting, more waiting, sitting, nasty food, wailing babies, stinky bathrooms and still, more waiting. And that’s just what to expect on normal travel days. I won’t even mention the word storm. Even if you are headed to the most exotic of destinations under the most ideal travel conditions, you’re bound to arrive weary. For a boost, try Ginger Flight Therapy, a blend of essential oils formulated to enliven your spirits and keep you from strangling that person sitting next to you. [$31, Aesop]

Jane Austen Bandages Will Mend Your Broken Heart

Literary Crushes
14 fictional people from books we are crushing on IRL. Read More »

To borrow a phrase from the inimitable Mr. Darcy, you must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and adore these Jane Austen bandages. The adorable tin is filled with 15 bandages printed with either a lovely image of Ms. Austen or one of her most famous quotes. Covering up a scraped elbow has never been so romantic! [$4.95, NeatoShop]

Shine A Light On Your Depression

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Mental Health Days
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Daylight savings happened. And then came the snow. Sunlight is suddenly very scarce. It’s just a matter of days before the winter blues set in. Actually, they may already have set in judging by how hard it was to get out of bed today. Time to sit in front of a sun lamp and bask in it’s glow and pretend that I’m somewhere tropical sipping a Pina Colada. The Nature Bright Sun Torch Plus promises to invigorate and energize me with its natural sunlight and ion therapy. Sounds nice. But still not as nice as lounging poolside. Worst comes to worst I can hold my sun lamp and weep as we brace for the impending winter. [$115, Target]

A Litter Box With Lots Of Appeal

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Fostering Animals
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Best Internet Cats
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If there’s one thing that fostering a kitten has taught me, it’s that I need a new litter box. My current litter situation is rather dire, it seems, and between two full-size poop machines and tiny little one, I’m definitely feeling the need to upgrade. But, as some of you know, finding a litter box that’s also tiny apartment-appropriate can be difficult. That’s why I’m angling for this Circa50 litter box from Modernist Cat. The Circa50 has a sleek modern design, and is a fashionable way to hide a smelly litter box. Plus, it doubles as a little side table! Sure, it’s a bit pricey, but you can’t put a price on taking care of a kitty poop problem. [$479, Modernist Cat]

Poppy King Lipstick Trio

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kate spade poppy king lip crayons

The holiday season is coming up and it’s all about the parties. For every LBD, you’re going to need a smashing lip color to go with it. And that’s where Lipstick Queen Poppy King’s lip crayons for Kate Spade come in. This little set comes with three gorgeous lip colors in party-ready shades of burgundy, red and peach. Each is small enough to fit in a clutch, but the packaging is festively cute as well. Never will you be at a loss after a post-mistletoe touch-up again! [$38, Kate Spade]

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