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Don’t Get It Swissted

Design Sponge At Home
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Home Inspiration: Vases
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Home Inspiration: Clocks
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One of those major signs of adulthood is when you begin trading in your ratty band posters for actual framed pieces of art. But what if there was a way to pay homage to you favorite band and have some super stylish artwork, too? Enter Swissted, a new book from Mike Joyce, in which Joyce combines his love of clean design with his passion for punk rock. Swissted offers up 200 vintage rock posters, redesigned with the crisp tenants of Swiss design in mind. And the best part? Each page of the 11″ x 14″ book is pre-perforated for easy tearing out and framing. Pre-order now, before it’s released on March 5! [$24.95, Swissted]

Powerful Advice You Can Sip On

Tiny Beautiful Things
tiny beautiful things
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Cheryl's Thoughts...
She refuses to apologize for being female. Read More »
Cheryl's ModCloth Dress
The online retailer is selling a dress inspired by the writer. Read More »

In a previous Crave, Ami advised you to pick up the book Tiny Beautiful Things, a collection of the Dear Sugar advice columns published on the website The Rumpus. Penned by author Cheryl Strayed (who also wrote the best-selling memoir Wild), the Sugar advice columns are filled to the brim with wonderful wisdom for both the advice seeker and the reader. One of the more popular bits of advice Sugar ever gave was to a struggling writer in a column called “Write Like A Motherfucker.” Whether you’re a student struggling through your senior thesis or a novelist facing a serious bout of writer’s block or a blogger questioning your career’s tragectory, Sugar’s advice to” write like a motherfucker — read the whole column here — will light a fire under your ass. I bought this mug about a month ago and posted this photo of it to my Tumblr blog. Before I knew it, it had been reblogged over 2,000 times — clearly, this is a mantra many can relate to and this mug is a daily reminder of Sugar’s advice to give your all to your passions,  regardless of how that effort is perceived by those around you. [$13, The Rumpus Shop]

These Dogs Are Roaring

Lace Toe Socks
Half Pretties photo
So, basically a camisole for your toe cleavage? Read More »

When I recently surveyed my sock drawer and noticed that my collection was all hole-filled stinkers and pairs that I’d “borrowed” from friends, I realized that it was time to update my footdrobe. I started with these Digital Tiger Ankle Socks, which send the appropriate “Don’t step on my toes” message. Footwear that is both threatening and adorable feels like the right way to go. Just think, nobody will ever accuse me of foot odor again — they’ll be too scared of my socks. Rawr! [$6, TopShop]

Brad Goreski Wrapped Around Your Little Finger

Kate Spade Brad Goreski ring

Okay, so ex-”Rachel Zoe Project” fashion fiend Brad Goreski might be the whiniest man on television. But his glasses are pretty sweet. And because Brad is Kate Spade’s newest brand stylist, his signature glasses are now memorialized in earrings, a bangle, a necklace, and this adorable ring. Take that, Rachel Zoe! [$48, KateSpade.com]

Measure Your Issues In Tissues

Going Back To Therapy
Annika's brave choice to deal with her anger. Read More »
Therapy Boundaries
How much should you know about your therapist's life? Read More »

You know it’s been a productive therapy session if you sniffled your way through a whole box of tissues. On days that you can’t cry to your shrink, comfort yourself with this In Treatment tissue box cover. If nothing else, it will add some kitsch to your crying jags. And if you go through an entire box, make another therapy appointment stat. [$35.50, Artori Design]

Get Your Color-Treated Hair Cleaner Than Ever

Hair Masks!
These 7 hair masks will save your winter locks. Read More »

We’ve all been there (or I sure hope so, otherwise this may end up being an embarrassing confession): you wash, rinse, repeat, condition, and style as usual, only to find that your hair is still looking less than squeaky clean. Product residue, environmental grime, and (ew) scalp buildup all contribute to the dulling and dirtying of your hair, especially around the roots, where these things tend to collect. When regular shampoo just won’t cut it, it’s time to bring in the big guns — a clear, super-cleansing formula that will leave no pesky particles behind. Unfortunately for the dry-haired and dye-loyal among us, these take-no-prisoners clarifiers can make hair a bit too clean, stripping it of both its natural oils and your hard-earned color. What’s a greasy girl to do? Reach for ColorProof ClearItUp Detox Shampoo, of course, a color-safe, sulfate-free (this is very important) detoxifier that cleanses and deodorizes the hair by way of a 100 percent vegan cleansing system that’s so gentle, you can use it every day. As someone who only washes their hair twice a week, when I do shampoo, it better be damn thorough; ClearItUp has earned itself a permanent front-and-center spot in my shower. [$29.95, ColorProof]

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