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Crave: Belgium Chocolate Leg

Life is like a chocolate leg (on sale for $68!)…and that’s all I have to say about that. [5th Avenue Chocolatiere] Keep reading »

Crave: Secret Heart Necklace

Some of us aren’t into wearing lovey-dovey jewelry that prominently features hearts — it’s just not our style. So it’s cool that there’s a heart secretly embedded in this necklace. Covert sappiness is hot. [Charles and Marie] Keep reading »

Crave: Painting By Chocolate

Making presents always seems like a good idea. Homemade creations are supposed to be less expensive and more thoughtful than “store-bought” gifts, but sometimes (actually, most times) it doesn’t work out that way. Unless you’re a voracious crafter and have tons of glue sticks and supplies on hand, you have to buy all of the supplies first. And craft stores can be daunting. Plus, it’s pretty much a given that the final product will turn out nothing like you intended. I came across these instructions for making a portrait entirely out of chocolate, and while I know I will fail (how’s that for a positive attitude), I might try anyway. I’m thinking about creating a milk chocolate Matt Damon. [wikiHow] Keep reading »

Crave: An Accessory That Doubles As a Weapon

If you would like to protect yourself from possible attackers with a diamond ring, wear this one from Alex and Chloe’s new Black Diamonds collection — pointy diamonds are 10 times more effective at distracting criminals than regular diamonds. [Alex and Chloe] Keep reading »

Crave: Connected Hearts Poster

Two hearts become one (or at least appear to be pumping the same blood) in this limited-edition poster from Hybrid-Home. See two more after the jump… [Design Public] Keep reading »

Crave: Wear Your Heart On Your T -Shirt

It’s better to spread love than to keep it all to yourself, right? So when you buy this cute shirt from Ambriel Floyd, you can feel good that $5 from the sale of each shirt gets donated to UNICEF. [Ambriel Floyd] Keep reading »

Crave: Sharpies, A Simple Heart Ring, And A Poster With An Important Reminder

  • If you need a gift for the person who has everything, personalize a Sharpie. Dirty words aren’t permitted, but we know you’ll find a way around that restriction. [MySharpie.com]
  • You can barely tell that this ring has a heart hidden on it–perfect for a secret lover. [DesignBoom]
  • Getting involved with a roommate usually creates an icky, awkward mess. Though, I have a friend who is now dating her former roommate–they’re still roommates, actually. But if you’re not that lucky and have trouble remembering to stay away from your good-looking roommate who never does the dishes, this poster might help you remember. [Advice To Sink In Slowly via Core77]
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    Crave: Hairy Underwear, Dirty Cookie Cutters, and Mirror Kink

    • This underwear looks like you forgot to shave/wax/laser off a bunch of hair down there. The look is kind of asymmetrical actually. Wear a pair right after getting a bikini wax to mix things up. [Miss & Lady’s Boutique]
    • When baking gingerbread men gets old, whip up a few sex position sugar cookies. Bet they’re extra tasty! [Pipparkakan]
    • People are always associating mirrors with kinky sex, so why not buy one that says it outright (in a tasteful manner, of course)? This black framed mirror would be oh-so-subtle if hung above your bed. Nighty-night! [Comunistar]

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