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Forever 21 Treat: A Pretty Bow Shirt

Sometimes you just need a little fashion pick-me-up. This is all good, just as long as you don’t let your “treat” turn into an oops-I-accidentally-blew-my-rent-on-a-pair-of-shoes. This Forever 21 t-shirt is the perfect option. A basic with a fun bow detail, it’s just enough to add a bit of newness to your wardrobe this week. (We’d pair it with a blazer and some smart bottoms at the office.) Oh, and it will cost you less than lunch. Wins all around.

[$11.80 Forever 21]

Downsize With Clare Vivier’s Mini Sac

Guys have it so easy—all they need to walk out the door is a jacket and a back pocket. Here’s our question: How do they do it? Because in our world, it wouldn’t seem humanly possible to squeeze your daily essentials into a wallet-sized space. But if you’re looking to downsize from your hulking carry-all, check out Clare Vivier’s new Mini Sac. With an extra long strap and schoolboy buckles, the leather bag gives off a breezy Parisian-girl vibe. The leather pouch is just large enough to carry the necessities, and maybe the little extra something you just can’t part with. [$169, SeeVivier.com] Keep reading »

Start Your Morning With Harajuku Lovers

When we wake up in the morning and the coffee is still brewing, everything about our ritual needs to be bright and cheery. Hence, our love for these yellow Harajuku Lovers, covered with Gwen Stefani’s little girls in adorable bikinis. The design will make the terrifying sound of your alarm that much less shocking, not to mention add a bit of color to the tiles in your bathroom. The cases come in three different sizes for all your beauty needs: a pencil case for brushes and eye pencils, a clutch to take on the go, and an organizer for the mass makeup holding. [$18-38, Sephora] Keep reading »

Get Pearly Whites With Burt’s Bees

With a cult following, Burt’s Bees products are already found in most beauty lovers’ makeup cases and vanities, but here’s another reason to appreciate the storied brand. In addition to caring for your lips, face, body, and hair, the company wants to make sure you have good oral health as well. Their new natural toothpaste is made with cranberry extract, which is known to block bacteria while fighting plaque, and comes with and without fluoride. We want. [$5, Burt’s Bees] Keep reading »

Dress Like Kim Kardashian Without The Price Tag

We are in love with Kim Kardashian’s Free People boots that fold over completely and have a zipper down the side. But our love ends with the $358 price tag, which has just a tad too many figures. That’s where these suede shoes come in — with a number that’s affordable! For just $45, you’ll be able to take part in the trend, without forcing yourself to wear the boots everyday while forgoing lunch just to make up for the cost. [$45, Charlotte Russe] Keep reading »

Give Your Home A Light Update

In New York City apartments, there are only so many alterations that can be made in order to turn the teeny tiny space into your own. Most rely on pictures and furniture to decorate, but go a step further and continue to infuse your own personal style into the white-walled area with these candle holders. Buy one or more and pair with simple white candles to provide better lighting than sanctioned bulbs and to bring a bit of peace into your day. [$49.95, Crate & Barrel] Keep reading »

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