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The New It Bag Is A Backpack

This backpack from old-school Swedish company Fjallraven might not seem like a standout fashion accessory, but we’ve just got a feeling about this one. It seems like the type of utilitarian product, like LeSportsac was in the beginning, or those Manhattan Portage messenger bags that were all the rage a few years back, that could easily become the next everyone-and-your-mom-has-one item. The design for the shoulder-strapped pack has been around since 1978, and we’re into the simple, outdoorsy aesthetic. And just like you’d expect, the bag is made with top quality materials, notably Vinylon, a durable yet lightweight waterproof fabric.

[$65.00 Steven Alan]

Zipper Cups Bring Togetherness

Taiwanese designer Lee Weilang’s Zipper Cups are so charming that they make having tea quite a titillating, bonding experience. The white ceramic mugs feature a zipper with a slit down one side. The cute design reflects two people coming together for conversation and also, conveniently, holds their tea bags in place. Who says fashion can’t be functional?

[$40.00 Molla Space]

Get Your Chambray On

For us, browsing Delia’s is like looking through a window into our teenage pasts. Remember the joyful day, once a month, when the new Delia’s catalog would arrive in the mail, and you’d carefully circle items and dog-ear pages? Those days may be long gone, but we still get kicks out of browsing the teen-tastic goods on their new-fangled website. And sometimes, we even find an all-ages gem, like this chambray ruffle dress, which brings the girly, but seems a bit more grown-up thanks to the slate color. [$44.50]

[$0.00 Delia's]

A Calendar To Round Out Your Year

More often than not, calendars are downright frightening. See: pictures of babies dressed up as flowers, the near-naked Jersey Shore fire department, nude middle-aged women à la “Calendar Girls.” If turning the page to see what greets you for March elicits a cry of terror, then perhaps you’re in the market for something a bit more subdued. Try this visually pleasing poster by Lene Mirdal. The design-y “all year round” calendar features a cool, colorful graphic that spells out 365 days quite plainly. So you can rest assured: there are no surprises.

Kickin’ Boot Jewelry

One of the best purchases a girl can make is a pair of basic meant-to-be-worn boots. Now, accessories company The 2 Bandits is giving you an even better reason to show some boot lovin’, with their cute boot bracelets that sit on the upper half calf. Adding some flare to your winter uniform, the bands lend a variety of new flavors to your kicks. The Moondance collection adds some shimmer with stripes of gold mesh, plus, there are the Fleetwood or Sunday styles with their brooch-like center pieces.

[$88.00 The 2 Bandits]

A Litter Box For Cool Cats

Cats would be the perfect house pets if you could just train them to do their business like dogs. Or people.

Because if you’re a cat owner, you know that dealing with the litter box is everyone’s least favorite chore. Not to mention how those ugly things completely mess up your bathroom decor. For the design-happy, there’s the colorful ModKat litter box, a sleek contraption for Whiskers’ wee-wee time. Cats enter through the hole on the top (they’ll get used to it) and take their time inside the box. The perforated roof catches excess litter from kitty’s feet to eliminate mess. You’ll also save on plastic bags, thanks to the reusable tarpaulin liner. Kind of makes your toilet look lame in comparison, huh?

[$180.00 A+R]
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