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Crave: Look At The World Through Eco-Colored Glasses

These sunglasses from eco-brand iWood (which also makes jewelry) are made from eco-sustainable, exotic wood veneer. They aren’t cheap ($370 per pair) but neither are those Mother Earth-hating D&Gs on your face! [iWood Eco Design] Keep reading »

Crave: Bangles With Something To Say

If they made one that said, “I’m leaving work early today because it’s gorgeous outside”, then, you could just flash your wrist in your boss’s face as you walk out of the office and into the sunshine. [$75 for all 3 @ Max & Chloe] Keep reading »

Crave: A Poster With A Bird, A French Fry, And A Message

This poster makes us sigh and laugh…oh, and hungry. [Etsy via Coveiter] [Photo: Etsy.com]
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Crave: Ikea Welcomes Summer

We picked a few things from Ikea’s new summer collection to help you with your first warm-weather party. Just add mojitos. Keep reading »

Crave: Downward Dog Anywhere, Anytime!

I’m a sporadic yoga doer. When I do tend to go is on the weekends, after I’ve lazily slept, digested an omelet, and read Page Six magazine. But sometimes I want to go on the fly, like after work, or when I happen to be near my yoga studio (i.e. I’m shopping at Forever 21 and the studio is around the corner). But I usually can’t go spur of the moment because I don’t have my mat on me and I despise paying $2 bucks to rent one. But the yoga paws will stop me from having lame, pathetic excuses for not working out and getting touch with my inner goddess! They are basically gloves for your hands and feet that have mat-like padding on them, so you can do yoga without a mat without slipping and sliding around. Honestly, I may toss my mat permanently after I buy these, because it was getting stinky anyhow. Namaste! [Yoga Paws, $34.95: Spoon Sisters via I Heart Luxe] Keep reading »

Crave: Celia Birtwell Brings Her Boho Prints To Express

We love Target for coming up with the genius idea of having cool designers do guest collections and we love the fact that every other store in the world is copying the idea. Celia Birtwell, who made really fun bohemian printed dresses and shirts in the ’70s, has done a line for Express and it’s perfect for Spring/Summer. We heart these two dresses, in Mystic Daisy print and Mini Posh Dot print. Not to mention basically everything else in the collection. More photos, after the jump! [Express Fashion via The Budget Fashionista and LA Times] Keep reading »

Crave: Treat Your Chest To The Best

Crave (For Him): Look-A-Like Cuff Links

Want to be a constant reminder for your man? Order him cuff links in the likeness of your bust! Or his favorite member of the Red Sox. Whatever. [$450, UnCrate.com] Keep reading »

Crave: A Different Kind Of Travel Guide

Planning a vacation this summer? Sometimes travel guidebooks don’t give the really useful information, like how to say, “I’d like to wake up next to you” or “The condom’s split!” Sex in Every City: How to Talk Dirty in Every Language won’t help you order a cappuccino, but it will help you speak to your Swedish or German or French lover. [Sex in Every City, $10.39 @ Amazon.com] Keep reading »

Crave: Doo-Dads For Your Brassiere

I have this dress that I love that I can only wear a nude bra with because it’s made of a light, thin jersey fabric. But I can’t really wear this dress because the top of my nude bra always peeks through. Very irritating. Luckily, I’m not the only woman who’s had this problem, because two separate companies have come up with “bra accessories” which address the issue of bra over-exposure. According to SheFinds.com:

“The Figs Bra, which can be worn as a regular bra, comes with a detachable stretch lace overlay that covers up the patch of skin that low-cut clothes leave bare. The Winkee, which very much resembles a thong, is a triangular piece of fabric that you stick on to your own bra with Winkeedots, single-use sticky circles that hold the Winkee in place.”

I prefer The Figs Bra. It’s prettier. I hate thongs, anywhere. [SheFinds.com]
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