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Wear ‘Til They’re Dead Sandals

Everyone needs a perfect spring sandal. We’re talking about the type of shoe that’s basic and comfy enough to go with your usual outfits, but also has a little something extra for your fancier ones. That’s why we’re loving these Frances-Stud flats by Topshop. Pink leather, gold trim, and a braided design down the front make these cute kicks the type of noticeable item your friends will want the deets on. Our recommendation: “Ohhh … I got these in a little indie boutique somewhere, I forget where.” Otherwise, you’re going to have a case of copycats on your hands. (Or feet.)

[$70.00 Topshop]

A Magically Sexy “Hermione” Dress

You’ve probably seen about a million resort-pretty striped dresses, which, if you want one, makes choosing seem both difficult and pointless. We emitted an excited “eek!” when we realized this breezy number by Velvet wasn’t your average tank dress. While the front features a standard scoop neck design, the low-cut back with triangular seams on the butt is unexpectedly sexy. For the brave (or those vacationing in European countries with topless beaches), go braless. Still, we’d wear this design over a bathing suit, or even with a white or navy bandeau bra for casual outings.

[$86.00 Shopbop]

State(ment) Necklaces

Here at the Frisky, we may act like big city girls who have lived here all our lives, but our roots are spread far and wide. It’s important to remember where you come from, which is why we’re crushing on Maya Brenner’s State Necklaces. Hold a little piece of home close to your heart whether you hail from a place as big as Texas or as far away as Hawaii. Choose from sterling silver or gold silhouettes, and for a little something extra, add a tiny diamond detail. And for those whose hearts are torn, there’s the Bi-Coastal necklace with both a California pendant and an apple to signify New York. Home sweet home.

[$120300.00 Maya Brenner]

A Bling-Less Bib Necklace

Bet you don’t have anything like this in your jewelry chest. Aldo gives a softer side to the bib necklace by incorporating these embroidered fabric discs with a chunky gold chain. We’re loving the geometric flower designs that have a slight Scandinavian vibe going on. Just goes to show you that a statement necklace doesn’t necessarily need ostentatious bling to make it special.

[$20.00 Aldo]

An In-Between-Seasons Scarf

It’s around this time of year that a mildly warm day somehow causes people to forget the fact that it’s still cold outside. But we applaud you for making that ambitious effort when you stepped out in just a blazer, and proceeded to shiver your way to work. Still, we get that you’re ready to move on from your bundled-up winter wardrobe. A solution: Ditch the heavy knits and go for something lighter. This Banana Republic scarf, made of super thin material, is decidedly non-somber with its light heather gray or sky blue color options. Stay chic and warm with your lightweight spring coats, then keep it around the office as a wrap for when they start pumping the air conditioning in a few months.

[$39.50 Banana Republic]

This Romper Makes Bikinis Look Bad

After seeing this cute bathing suit, we’ve decided to launch the campaign for one-pieces this spring. Boo bikinis! (Kidding.) But there is something subtly sexy about this floral print suit with an almost boy-short cut. A ruched tie detail at the front accentuates your curves (in a good way), while structured boning lends support to the girls. For extra comfort, there’s a detachable halter band. Pair this with a super-wide brimmed straw hat and big glasses to make it vintage glam.

[$125.00 J. Crew]
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