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Crave: Be Careful What You Do While Carrying This Bag

People who see me walking down the street with this bag look at me a little differently. I’m no longer nice. I’m bad. And storekeepers definitely give me their full attention. [A+R] Keep reading »

Crave: Day-Glo Slides

These neon green slides ($10.40 from Old Navy!) probably don’t match any of your clothes, so they’ll go with everything. I don’t recommend painting your toes a bright color if you plan on wearing them because that would be totally ’80s and way too matchy-matchy. [OldNavy.com]

Previously: Crave: Nail Polish So Bright It’ll Keep You Up At Night Keep reading »

Crave: Pervy Posters Fit For A Child’s Bedroom

Finally someone has found a use for all that nasty and annoying spam that litters your inbox. Artist Janet Nelson takes some of the naughtiest headlines and shows how open to interpretation they can be when associated with innocent drawings in her collection, aptly titled “Innocent Spam”. You can find out the prices by contacting Nelson directly, if you want to decorate that blank wall behind your desk. [JanetNelson.net via Boinkology] Keep reading »

Crave: Artsy Fartsy T-Shirts For Cheap

The Gap has joined forces with the venerable Whitney Museum to design a line of t-shirts celebrating the Whitney Biennial. The t-shirt above is not from that collection — it’s from Uniqlo, a Japanese chain that’s similar to The Gap. See, the Gap t-shirts are retailing for $28, but Uniqlo’s line of T’s with influential artists is only $15.50 and, we think, so much cuter. [Uniqlo.com] Keep reading »

Crave: The Toned-Down Version Of Carrie Bradshaw

Sarah Jessica Parker’s headband at the London premiere of SATCmight be a bit much, but, in my opinion, a hint of feather in the hair is quite nice. [Urban Outfitters] Keep reading »

Crave: These Rings Are Explosive

These rings are sold as a set, but you could totally pull them off solo. The rocket is a little suspicious on it’s own (what’s it doing?), while the explosion is mysterious by itself (how did that happen?). Check them out actually on someone’s chubby fingers, after the jump. [$95, Melanie Favreau @ SupermarketHQ.com] Keep reading »

Crave: Swimsuits That Let Your Belly Hide Out

If I could get over my urge to tan my stomach, I would totally rock a one-piece swimsuit. Especially since they’re makin’ them so cute these days. Check these from the Urban Outfitters line. [$88-$98, UrbanOutfitters.com via Coveiter] Keep reading »

Crave: A Necklace For Women Who Like It Raw

Raw stones are very big for spring and summer jewelry — this necklace by KRitt does it just right. The cool asymmetrical shape, big, square turquoise stones, and delicate gold chain set this piece apart from anything I’ve seen. [$150, KRittJewelry.com] Keep reading »

Crave: A DVD To Sink Your Teeth Into

Teeth, out on DVD today, is a movie about a girl whose vagina is a little special. She’s got a little thing called “vagina dentata”, which means her coochie bites. Literally. Anyway, you might think this film would be an utter crapfest, but it’s not — at all. The star, Jess Weixler, won the Sundance Jury Prize for acting for her portrayal of Dawn, a sunny dispositioned teen who preaches abstinence — until she’s sexually assaulted and her vag comes to her defense. She spends the rest of the film playing superhero. Awesome! [Amazon.com] Keep reading »

Crave: Catch My Love Coffee Mug

These matching coffee mugs could be cheesy, except anything conveyed through the power of stick figures is always just heart-warming cuteness. More examples of the cups for sale at boldloft.com, after the jump. [$27 for the set, BoldLoft] Keep reading »

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