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Capture The Sun In A Jar

Here’s our favorite geek-chic item of the day: Sunshine In a Jar contains a high-tech solar cell, a rechargeable battery and low-energy LED lamps. Just place the jar in a sunlit area during the day so the battery can charge for a few hours. By dark, the light sensor inside will automatically activate so that the lamps inside the jar will cast off a soft and non-intrusive glow to light your home or garden during the night. It’s the cutest remedy for S.A.D. we’ve ever seen!

[$40.00 Uncommon Goods]

The Perfect Non-Perfume: Byredo’s Blanche

We’ve found the perfect perfume. And it’s perfect precisely because it doesn’t smell like perfume. Byredo’s Eau de Parfum in Blanche is, like the name implies, clean and pure. The fragrance is vaguely close to a soapy, laundry odor, but it isn’t that either. The best way we can describe it is this: It smells like your skin, but the way you’ve always wanted your skin to smell, as if you’ve just gotten out of the shower. Its distinctive yet natural presence on your body has (at least for us) a sort of carnal, pheromone-like effect, sort of like how guys love the scent of your hair. True, it’s a very luxe splurge. But perfection does have its price.

[$157.71 Byredo]

Cute As A Button

We’re looking for inexpensive ways to update our spring wardrobes, so we have these button earrings from Casa Di Culture on our shopping list. We’re especially loving the Omi design, which means water, because it’s simple enough to wear with jeans and a T-shirt, but will also make a spring dress feel even more special. (Check the site for earrings in other vibrant colors.) Plus, these are also made of eco-friendly batik fabric from Nigeria. Cool, right?

[$6.00 Casa Di Culture]

Sugar Buzz Without The Headache

CND’s Colour & Effects line of nail polishes made to layer is genius, and since spring is all about bright colors, we’re happy there’s “Sugar Buzz,” a limited-edition combo that’s the manicure equivalent of a cupcake. Paint your nails with the bubblegum pink Sweet, coat them with a layer of Sugar Sparkle, and you’ve got yourself a yummy treat on your hands.

[$20.00 CND]

Your Very Own “Alice In Wonderland” Tale

What makes a good book? Some might say it’s when you really identify with a character. Personalized Classics takes things one step further by allowing you to actually be that personality—order your customized version of Alice in Wonderland, indicating what names (your own, for example) you’d like for the characters, title, and dedication. Within 30 days, you get your cute special version of the book, complete with a cast list and personalized notebook. So now, when you read your favorite story, you’ll fall even further through the looking glass than you did the first time. But when you start chasing white rabbits in real life, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

[$34.00 Fred Flare]

Your Granny’s Spaniels Plates

For all the weird things about your grandmother’s house—the rampant use of doilies, the weird macaroni-like smell, the plastic-encased couch—there was a certain charm to it all. Channel that now with these kitschy “granny’s spaniels” ceramic plates from Urban Outfitters, which are just corny enough to be hip. With a hand-painted aesthetic, there’s no way to not feel warm and fuzzy inside as those cute puppy dogs stare up at you.

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