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Magical Uni-Corn On The Cob!

Ordinarily, we wouldn’t call eating corn a “magical” experience. (Delicious, perhaps.) But these super cute Uni-Corn Holders might just make the act of chomping into a cob transcend the ordinary. Keep your fingers butter-free by stabbing colorful unicorn horns into the sides of the summertime treat. At the very least, these festive utensils will add some charm to any barbecue or picnic.

[$10.00 Urban Outfitters]

Sharper Than Your Average House Key

You never know when a little knife might come in handy, but how do you discreetly carry around a blade without coming across as an aggressive weapon-toter? Keep this key-shaped pocket knife among your house keys, that’s how. The discreet knife ensures you’ll always be prepared while blending in perfectly. Just make sure to remove it from the key chain if you’re traveling by air — you don’t want the TSA thinking you’re up to no good.

[$24.90 Garrett Wade]

By Boe’s Bow Bracelet (Say That Three Times Fast)

We’re not trying to be cute with the alliteration—that’s just how By Boe chooses to spell it out for you—with a straightforward bow bracelet. We love how the adjustable chain is something you’d more likely see on a necklace, adding a little unexpected (and extra) cuteness to this piece of jewelry.

[$44.00 80s Purple]

A Lazy Summer Tank

Here’s something a bit shameful—come spring and summertime, there are usually a couple items in our closet that we just, um, don’t wash too much. You know, the comfy shorts you pull on to run to the grocery store, the tank you wear as a beach cover-up that gets re-used later in the day. (Please tell us this happens to you, too; otherwise, we just admitted to being nasty slobs.) Enza Costa’s loose tank is one of those items that would never (or rarely) make its way to the laundry pile. One reason would be that it looks perfectly sexy-comfy with sandals and cut-offs. Another reason might be that its heather gray hue does a good job of hiding the dirt. The smell, however, is a different matter.

[$88.00 Shopbop]

Nothing Sketch About MJ’s Miss Sketchy Laptop Case

Maybe it’s because we’re bloggers, but for us, our computers rank among our most prized possessions. In fact, some of us would even say that our primary relationship is (sadly) with a laptop. To be fair, Lappy can be better than a boyfriend—he keeps you warm in bed, cuddles up with you any time to watch a movie, and is there for you in the middle of the night when you can’t sleep. So, we like to take good care of good ole Lappy McLapperson by making sure he’s dressed up in a swank case, like this Marc by Marc Jacobs denim sheath decorated with a multicolor sketch print. True, the girl illustrated on the cover doesn’t look too happy, but that’s the same look we’d get if Lappy broke up with us. Best to keep a reminder around so we treat him well.

[$78.00 Neiman Marcus]

Learn To Kiss Like Your Grandma

Not everyone has a grandmother who gives good advice on kissing and sexy times, but that’s where The Art Of Kissing: Tips & Techniques From The 1930s comes in handy. This unintentionally funny book will surely cause laughter, but it also provides wisdom, such as this tip: “First of all, it is necessary to explain that, although an act can be painful, it can still be pleasurable.”

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