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Crave: Reef Miss Shevell Dress

When you think of the brand Reef, flip flops and surfer gear probably come to mind — at least that’s what we thought until we happened upon this dress, which looks grown-up and flirty (hello, V-neck) at the same time. And since it’s on sale for about $56, we might just have to buy it in both colors. [$55.76, DogFunk.com] Keep reading »

Crave: Floral Raincoat

As Tropical Storm Fay floods my grandma out in Florida, I have one wish: a rad new raincoat. Sure hurricane season can be a bummer, but we can still look good right?! Mother Nature doesn’t have a thing on a fashionable lady. This Super Kawaii clear raincoat showers you with fake flowers, shows off your outfit, and makes you a one-woman garden party! Well, it’ll at least have you doing a rain dance so you can wear it more. [$388, Patricia Field]

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Crave: Updated Clue Board Game

We loved playing Hasbro’s Clue game when we actually had time to play board games, so we’re very excited about the updated version with a modern twist. The murder happens during a soiree at a millionaire mogul’s mansion and you have to determine which guest killed the host. Some weapons have changed — the revolver has been replaced by the more up close and personal barbell. Gone is the old school billiards room for the more luxurious spa. There’s also a new feature called the Intrigue Cards, which add suspense to the game because they can either help you solve the murder faster or result in a second victim. The tabloid-style instructions explain all the weapons, guests and rooms changes, and even the box looks sexier. See if you can figure out which rumors are true and which are hearsay to solve the crime of the century. [$15.99, Hasbro] Keep reading »

Crave: Devotte Shirley Sandals

If you aren’t already a devotee of Devotte (we’re oh-so-witty), you are sure to become one after seeing this pair of classy kicks. These white and gold t-strap sandals combine ruffles and studs for the perfect combo of girly detail and boldness. Plus, they’re a great alternative to the gold gladiator sandal craze (who wants to look like everyone else, anyhow?). [$338, Devotte.com] Keep reading »

Crave: Custom Keds

Don’t you hate it when you buy a new shirt or dress that you absolutely love, and then you go to work and someone else has the exact same thing on? If you don’t have any sewing skills, it’s pretty much a guarantee that someone else is going to own what you own — unless you can afford couture, of course. The new Keds Studio, however, will at least ensure that very, very few people in the world have your sneakers since you can customize six different parts of the shoe with 25 color and pattern options. The only downside is that you might not come up with a cute combo — can you do better than us? [$60, Keds Studio on Zazzle] Keep reading »

Crave: Pearl & Ribbon Necklace

Pearls are timeless and ribbon is so girly. But for some reason, when you put the two together, they kind of a have a rock ‘n’ roll edge. This necklace from Wink would look amazing with a white wife beater tank, jeans, and heels. Kind of like Jackie O, gone bad. [$58, WinkNYC.com] Keep reading »

Crave: OPI’s Fall Nail Colors

Just as fashions change with the seasons, so do nail polish colors. Spring and summer are generally bright or pastel, while fall and winter are full of dark, rich colors. OPI’s fall/winter Couture Couleur La Collection de France follows these general guidelines with lots of plum, brown, and raspberry shades. The colors are lovely, but the punny names (Louvre Me Louvre Me Not, You Don’t Know Jacques!, Bastille My Heart, A Oui Bit Of Red) are the best part. [Just4Beauty.com] Keep reading »

Crave: Large Rose Ring

We have a thing for enamel jewelry at The Frisky (check out this slideshow), so we’re totally in love with this ring. The bold gold outline, abstract rose design and knuckle-to-knuckle size will definitely get you noticed. This ring is a stand-alone accessory–it should be worn with a simple timepiece and small earrings, so it doesn’t have to compete. [$24, Bebe.com] Keep reading »

Craves We Regret: Nail Pens, Target Dresses, & Hooker Heels

We recommend a lot of rad products, clothing designers, and crave-able items on The Frisky. Occasionally, however, we discover that an item was not worthy of our desire or endorsement and we want to take it back. After finally sampling a few of these goods ourselves, we’re totally not craving:
1. Sally Hansen Nail Pen: I finally tried this bad boy and discovered two things: A) A nail PEN is a really good idea and definitely makes polish application easier, but B) the actual polish colors available are heinous (I made the mistake of going for a iridescent opal which was trés old lady), they apply very thin and watery, and they dry extremely matte.
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Crave: Denim Dress By Kensie

We know you don’t want to hear it, but autumn will be here before you know it. And if you’re anything like us, the cooling weather will present you with a fashion quandary: what is light enough to wear under sunny skies, but warm enough in case there is a chill in the air? Well, this dress with its short sleeves and denim fabric is the perfect solution when you’re not sure what to expect from the weather. And it’s comfortable and affordable to boot. [$66, BuyDefinition.com] Keep reading »

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