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Take A Mod Roman Holiday

It’s kind of surprising that the gladiator sandal has remained trendy for going on three summers now. But, honestly, the look isn’t for everyone. Avon‘s Mod Fever Patent Sandal bridges the divide between strap-happy gladiators and simple thong sandals, a staple in most women’s closets. The circles add subtle flair and the tiny heel gives the right amount of height for elongating the leg while still being stroll-worthy. Plus, the patent leather-like material means a sudden downpour won’t ruin the shoes. Now that’s definitely a happy holiday!

[$24.99 Avon]

Chill Out With Cuisinart’s Cute Ice Cream Maker

We like eating ice cream year-round, but something about licking a fudge pop while wearing gloves feels a little tragic. Then summer comes and our dedication to ice cream becomes mainstream, rather than sad. Stick it to fair-weather ice cream fans by getting creative with Cuisinart’s bright ice cream, frozen yogurt, and sorbet maker. This sucker will help you churn out homemade frozen goodness in minutes, making you far and away the most dedicated ice cream eater this summer.

[$49.95 Sur La Table]

Pimping Out Your Yoga Uniform

There’s a bit of a stereotype against people who do yoga — that we’re all “crunchy” and “green” and “enviro-healthy-gorp-munching-maniacs.” OK, so this may be slightly true, but just because we take an earthy approach to living doesn’t mean everything we wear has to fall into the army green/dirt brown color palette. We’re planning on rocking downward dog Diddy-style next time with this pimp gold yoga bag. Best yet, it’s made of faux leather, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice your eco tendencies for style.

[$63.20 eBags.com]

Wood Earrings For Your Inner Bohemian

Every woman, whether young or old, has a pair of metal hoop earrings in her jewelry box. The sizes might vary, though the material stays the same. But who wants to be like everyone else when it comes to accessorizing? Instead of sticking to gold and silver, add some wood to the mix. In any other material, the design of these Kapiolani earrings would look common, but in wood, they’re exotic!

[$18.00 LuLu's]

The Sweatpants That Weren’t

The problem with the overpriced sweatpants trend is that, well, you look like you’re wearing … sweatpants. Sweatpants you spent half your rent on. (Cue slow clap.) A genius solution? J.Crew’s affordable, luxe terry “un-sweatpant,” which manages to look just a bit more put-together thanks to a chic slim fit and ankle zips, allowing you to walk out of the house with no (or at least less) shame. Of course, they’re ultra comfy, so you’re welcome to lounge around in them as well.

[$59.50 J. Crew]

An Asset For Purse Organization

That titillating hardcover you’re reading isn’t the only thing adding weight to your bulky purse. Have you considered that your wallet could be culpable? Once you factor in heavy-duty leather, metal coins, and dozens of receipts, a wallet can get pretty heavy itself. The Nooka Asset Organizer is the perfect product to alleviate some of the weight you’re schlepping. It’s made of a soft silicone-like material (the same stuff as your cell case) and contains a system of expandable compartments for your cash, credit cards, identification, etc. Plus, it’s water-resistant, so the next time you get caught in a downpour you won’t have to fork over wet money to replace your water-stained billfold.

[$35.00 Nooka]
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