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Crave: Chocolat Moderne Drinking Chocolate

As soon as it gets cold outside, people immediately think they need to bundle up (think four plus layers) up to stay warm. Not a bad idea, but it’s just as effective to throw on your favorite coat and warm yourself from the inside out. Try making a cup of Chocolat Moderne’s new line of drinking chocolates instead of slipping on your thermal underwear. The four flavors, Snake Charmer, Madame ‘X’tasy, Kama Sutra and Midnight Oasis, are all delicious, but Madame ‘X’tasy is the stand out drink, a combination of espresso, burnt caramel and fleur de sel. There’s just something so unusually good about chocolate with a hint of salt. [$19, ChocolatModerne.com] Keep reading »

Crave: Ebelskiver Stuffed Pancake Pan

I recently registered at Williams-Sonoma for the typical stuff any person needs—cookie sheets, bagel cutter, grapefruit spoons (hey, I’m a fan of citrus). But whenever the catalog arrives in the mail, I always look longingly at the pages, wishing my registry was a bit more on the adventurous side. The one appliance I’m borderline obsessed with is this “pancake” pan—but they’re not really pancakes. They’re actually ebelskiver, a traditional Danish puffed pancake filled with jelly, fruit or cheese. They look so ridiculously easy to make, and the finished product looks like a work of edible art. But instead of the other (dare I say boring?) fillings, I plan on stuffing them with Nutella and peanut butter. Yum. [$40, Williams-Sonoma] Keep reading »

Crave: Leifsdottir Silk Dress

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of putting together the perfect outfit, pants, shirt, fun belt, accessories etc. But there’s something to be said for a dress that looks amazing all on its own — that’s how I feel about this unbelievably elegant silk tank empire waist dress by Leifsdottir. It just looks so smart, and it doesn’t need anything but a pair of tights and black patent heels. And there’s something so striking about the black and blue combination. For those of you in need of a little more color, check out the equally gorgeous floral print version. Um, is it bad that I kind of want to buy both? [$278, Bloomingdales] Keep reading »

Crave: Fall Furlough Bag

This is just one of those bags that perfectly epitomizes the season, from its fallish color palette to its sturdy structure and roomy interior for that extra layer you may need later in the evening. Plus, the faux leather Fall Furlough Bag easily doubles as a carry-on for your weekend vacation to pick apples. Wow, what a charmed life you live. [$75, Modcloth] Keep reading »

Crave: Chic Pillboxes

There’s nothing more annoying than having a major migraine or serious period cramps and not having Aspirin on hand. Pop those babies in style with these funky pill cases for the everyday lady. We’re in love with the ’80s scrapbook style of the cases, not to mention the cutesy puns like “Candy Land” and “Cool Beans”. [$24, Kitson] Keep reading »

Crave: Envirosax

We’ve been trying to be more eco-friendly lately, from recycling our beer bottles, to canceling some of our dozens of magazine subscriptions (it’s so easy to get the latest gossip online, anyway). One of our favorite changes has been carrying our own shopping bags to the grocery store, and who can blame us when Envirosax bags are so stylish and convenient? Sold individually or in packs of 5, they can be rolled up into little balls and thrown into purses, backpacks, messenger bags, even coat pockets. Keep them in various places so you’ve always got one when you stop by the store to pick up ingredients for dinner (or just a 6-pack…we sure won’t judge). [$8.50 for 1, $40 for pack of 5, Envirosax] Keep reading »

Crave: The Lucky Guide To Mastering Any Style

I can’t wait to pick up the latest issue of Lucky magazine every month because it always presents the best fashion possibilities. One of the things I appreciate about this mag is that the editors don’t think everyone should look alike. Instead, they allow their readers to draw inspiration from different style icons and stylish women. And this is exactly what Editor-In-Chief Kim France and Creative Director Andrea Linett were thinking when they wrote the second Lucky fashion manual, The Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style, which features women that have mastered a signature look, like bombshell, rock and roll and Euro chic. These women were asked to pick their favorite and best pieces and explain why they love them. Then the outfits were mixed and matched. This book shows you everything you need to pull off a signature look or just play up the look you’ve already got going. Plus, in true Lucky fashion, it features the best stores across the country and online. [19.80, Amazon] Keep reading »

Crave: “I Voted” Hello Kitty T-Shirt

These have been some serious times lately. We’re at war, our economy is down the toilet and now we have to choose our next president. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun on election day. Since you can’t wear any partisan paraphernalia at a polling site (it’s viewed as campaigning), we suggest you wear this whimsical Hello Kitty T-shirt, instead. The famous character shows her red, white and blue pride on a hockey-style tee with a vintage wash. And the “Don’t Blame Me, I Voted For Hello Kitty” slogan gives you an excuse if your actual candidate falls short of his promises. [$19, Alloy] Keep reading »

Crave: A Century in Red Lip Palette

We’ve been looking for just the right shade of red lip gloss for eons and in our search, we found a color palette that has been gracing the most beautiful lips of the last 100 years. “A Century of Red” contains the most popular shade of red for each decade of the 20th century, from bee-stung red of the 1910′s Gibson Girls to Futurama for the new millennium. Surely there’s a shade in there for everyone…even those of us with hard to complement red hair. [$45, Three Custom] Keep reading »

Crave: Late For Dinner Plates

In an effort to shed last winter’s extra weight before this winter starts, we’re trying to cut back on second and third servings of everything, which is about as hard a task as Sarah Palin giving up Moose burgers. We think these gorgeous dinner plates may help, though. Their patterns and colors are so awesome, we won’t be tempted to pile more food on them. Well, in theory, anyway. [$24, Anthropologie] Keep reading »

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