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Crave: Neck Cozy

The sharp chill here in the Northeast has us pulling out our thickest tights, warmest sweaters, and assortment of winter accessories in preparation for the months ahead. While we have plenty of scarves to get us through, we’re in the mood for a neck cozy this year. Hipper than a scarf, more comfy than a turtleneck, a neck cozy like the those from Etsy seller Yokoo look so warm and stylish, we think winter may actually be tolerable this year. And if we do get the winter blues, there’s always Yokoo’s fun photos to cheer us up. [$70-$135, Etsy] Keep reading »

Crave: Bing Bang Bullet Studs

These itty-bitty oxidized-silver bullet studs are perfectly feminine and edgy at the same time. It can be difficult to find an accessory that truly goes with everything, but these do the trick. They’ll balance out the frilliness of a girlie dress, and they’ll look just as good with an over-sized sweater, leggings, and bad ass boots. You’ll never want to take them out. [$40, Shopbop] Keep reading »

Crave: Jlife Coin Purse

We usually keep our change in a jar on our bedroom windowsill and empty the quarters out once a week for laundry, but with a coin purse this sweet, we may have to get rid of that jar completely. Cute enough to be carried by itself, it’s still the perfect size to be thrown into a handbag and pulled out when you want to buy a newspaper… Or, you know, do a load of laundry. [$27, Etsy] Keep reading »

Crave: Otrera Evil Eye Scarf

The evil eye is said to protect and keep you safe, which is why these silk chiffon scarves (in orange, purple, blue, black and green evil eye patterns) are both fashionable and practical. They have tiny glass evil eye charms on each corner of the scarf that keep it weighted in place. Throw one on, then buy a lottery ticket. Hey, you never know when good luck will strike. [$198, Otrera.com] Keep reading »

Crave: Swarovski Crystal Pencils

While we always hated going back to school, we loved the getting fresh school supplies part. So if these Swarovski crystal pencils had been around, we would have insisted on buying three packs. Sure, there’s no eraser on them, but who cares? Plus, we found the perfect equally shiny pencil case. Hmm…at $3295, maybe not, but a girl can dream, right? These pencils are a start. [$16.75 for five, The Spoon Sisters]
Keep reading »

Crave: London Fog Wales

We have a habit of wearing really inappropriate footwear, like yesterday it was raining cats and dogs in New York City and we were wearing 5-inch platform pumps. For us, fashion usually trumps practicality. As a result, inclement weather often presents a major fashion quandary. Do you sacrifice chicness for dry feet? Well thankfully, London Fog has a solution that is both stylish and practical. The sliver wedge and gray color make these rain boots effortlessly chic. Plus, they also have a Thermolite footbed and Microfur lining, so your feet and legs will surely stay toasty. [$130, London Fog Wales] Keep reading »

Crave: Zelda Bow Top

Zelda Bow Top — One of our favorite small designers is Mint By Jodi Arnold and this top in particular has caught our eye – the single cross-back strap in the back is reminiscent of Korto from “Project Runway” and the simplistic bow embellishment could easily take you from the boardroom (with a blazer) to the bar. [$207.90, ShopBop.com] Keep reading »

Crave: House Of Harlow Collection

We’re hotly anticipating the release of Nicole Richie’s jewelry line, “House of Harlow 1960”, named for daughter Harlow as well as her love for the 1960s style. From what we’ve seen previewed, everything, from the chunky bangles to the drapey necklaces, is covetable. [Available in November at ShopKitson.com] Keep reading »

Crave: SIGG Water Bottles

We know drinking water is the key to a gorgeous complexion (our mother drinks a boatload and has skin of someone half her age), but water just doesn’t turn us on like, say, a bottle of champagne does. To increase our (water) drinking pleasure, we love these beautifully designed SIGG bottles — they make hydrating on the go a stylish affair. And if you happen to fill yours with a little bubbly sometime, we won’t tell! [$21-$25, My SIGG] Keep reading »

Crave: Victorian Bird Box

While we think sparrows may be a bit tired as a modern design motif, we don’t disparage all birds in design, especially when it comes to this adorable Victorian bird box which looks a little like a family heirloom (if your ancestors had great taste and style, that is). At $14, it’s a budget friendly piece to store your baubles and keepsakes…maybe even your favorite hand-me-down earrings from that old, stylish aunt of yours with the great taste. [$14, Patina] Keep reading »

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