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Crave: Feral Childe Print Skirt

This pretty green polished cotton skirt by Brooklyn-based designers Alice Wu and Moriah Carlson is made with love in New York. The scribbles on it remind us of the doodles we used to draw while ignoring our seventh-grade teacher’s lecture on gerunds — except Wu and Carlson are much better at doodling than we ever were. [$124, Beklina]
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Crave: Wolford Penelope Crochet Fishnet Tights

There’s no better way to dress up an outfit when the weather turns cold than with tights. For a more exciting and sexy look, go with textured tights. These stunners from fancy pants hosiery peeps, Wolford, combine the perfect blend of fishnet and crochet knit. They may cost more than your average pair of stockings, but Wolfords are worth it. [$58, Bare Necessities] Keep reading »

Crave: Fur-trimmed Parka

We’ve finally had to admit that it’s cold outside and our sweater coat will no longer keep us warm. We spent this weekend looking for the perfect coat. You know, a coat that is stylish and substantial enough to keep us toasty on blustery days, but not so thick that we’ll look like Frosty the Snowman. This parka from The Gap fits the bill. The design of this parka makes it perfect for dressing down or up. We love the idea of pairing it with an LBD, tights and ankle boots. The faux fur trim makes it perfect for any animal activist. Plus, it’s on sale now, so it won’t break the bank. [$103.50, The Gap] Keep reading »

Crave: Satellite Rings

We love the modern look of these Satellite rings by Anne Kiel, which are made in gorgeous, bright colors with sterling silver and resin. They’d look awesome on your left ring finger, the one everyone is always glancing at when you’re at Home Depot looking at tools and they’re wondering why you’re there alone, and you have to explain, “No, no, this isn’t a wedding ring! It’s a satellite ring. It’s awesome and means I can come to Home Depot alone and find things that, sure, I can’t lift into my car but so what? I’ve got this great non-symbolic ring and I’m wearing it with pride!” Or, you could just wear it on another finger. [$91, Supermarket HQ] Keep reading »

Crave: Maxine Dear Belts And Buckles

If we dreamed in color as richly saturated as these gorgeous custom hand-dyed leather belts from Maxine Dear, we’re sure we’d never want to wake up. Paired with their awesome belt buckles, made from re-purposed children’s books, and worn with a pair of dark jeans, we’re sure we’d never want to get undressed, either… much to our boyfriend’s chagrin. [$26 for buckle - $58 for belt, Etsy] Keep reading »

Crave: I Heart Italian Meats

Why declare your love for your favorite man meat on a t-shirt, when you could proclaim your adoration for your favorite tubed meat? Wooster Street Meats sells adorable t-shirts flaunting their selection of Italian meats via their website. Personally, we’re soppressata girls, but prosciutto, brasciole, and capicola are also options. Not a meat eater? That’s too bad, but maybe we’ll hunt down some cheese loving shirts for you vegetarians. Men and baby sizes are also available. [Wooster Street Meats] Keep reading »

Crave: Ice Orb

Behold, the Ice Orb! This otherworldly object is a souped-up ice tray, not Wall-E’s second cousin. Not only is the Orb rather attractive, but it makes 21 ice cubes at a time and stores another 51 inside its removable inner bucket. Basically, if you don’t have an icemaker built into your fridge, the Orb is going to change your life — and free up more space for those bags of frozen curly fries. [$16, A+R Store] Keep reading »

Crave: Vintage Flower Studs

Every girl needs a little sparkle in her life, and these earrings provide the right dose–not too much and not too little. They definitely have an elegant vintage feel without the vintage price tag. These flower earrings are perfect for holiday festivities because they kind of look like snowflakes and a little razzle-dazzle is always appropriate this time of year. They’d also be a pretty addition to your outerwear ensemble because your earrings are usually visible when you’re all bundled up. But we also think these earrings would be equally smashing with jeans and a white tank when the temperature warms. [$25, Topshop] Keep reading »

Crave: Kabuki Teapot

We’re getting a big jump on one of our New Year’s resolutions for 2009, which is to stop drinking coffee. We’ve decided its negative effects on our skin, the whiteness of our teeth, and our sleep schedule outweigh its awesomeness. So instead of downing 2-3 cups of joe every morning, we’re switching to green tea. To help the transition, we’ve got our eye on this adorable robin’s egg blue kabuki teapot. It will look cute on our kitchen counter! [$28, Rare Device] Keep reading »

Crave: Dough Ray Me Cookies

I’m seriously addicted to these itty-bitty cookies. Each kind is named after friends of the company’s owner, Jon Chazen. “It’s a way to honor them,” he says. “I don’t name them after anyone I was intimate with—no ex-girlfriends, not even my wife—and she understands.” Jon worked at Barneys New York selling women’s shoes, but one day he had an epiphany and decided to go to baking school. Once he realized his true calling, he started his own bakery, and the rest is history. My favorite flavor is the “Summaiya.” They’re chewy oatmeal cookies with raisins, sour cherries and, get this, crushed potato chips. It’s a perfect sweet, sour and salty combination. Jon told me he put so many different layers in this one because Summaiya “had a simplicity about her, but she was very complicated at the same time.” Now I want a cookie named after me. I’m thinking chewy chocolate with raspberry chocolate chips. Here’s hoping Jon needs a new BFF. [$45 for tin with six dozen cookies, Dough-Ray-Me]
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