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Crave: Dame Edna’s Kanga-Rouge Limited Edition MAC Lipstick

Ever wanted to look as beautiful as a Queen?! Well, the grand dame of drag from down under, Dame Edna, has created a limited edition line of make up for MAC. From her tongue in cheek Varicose Violet Nail Laquer to her turquoise Royal Tour Eye Trio, the colors are bold and well, fierce- just like colorful personality herself. Rrrrawr! Encased in special lavender rhinestone cover with her iconic glittery glasses, the Kanga-Rouge hot pink lipstick will make your mouth a real spectacle! [$14, MAC Cosmetics]

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Crave: Dumped! Fun & Games Activity Book (Win It!)

Getting dumped sucks and, oftentimes, trashing your ex can seem like the best revenge. But hold on a second before you post a message on his Facebook wall. Do you really want to come off as a bitter loser? Instead, you help recent dumpees Sam and Samantha find their way through a jungle of post breakup mazes, word searches, and crosswords as they unlock the secrets to their misfortune and recover from heartache in Josh Lewis’s Dumped! activity book. You’ll probably still feel crappy, but at least you’ll be too busy playing games to text, email, or phone your ex. [$11.01, Amazon.com]

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Crave: I Love Jordan Catalano Tee

“My So-Called Life” may only have lasted one season, but Jordan Catalano lives on in our memories. Sure, Angela Chase was the character we related to most of all, but Jordan was the high school boy we hopelessly pined for. Played with brooding intensity by dreamboat Jared Leto, Jordan will forever be the star of our ‘90s, flannel-clad-musician-loving hearts. [$22.97, PalmerCash.com] Keep reading »

Crave: Hard Tail Zip Leggings

True story: We saw an adorable kid wearing these black zipper leggings and we had to know who made them. Her response: “They’re Hard Tail, and they make them in big people size, too.” Yes, we checked, and they do make them in “big people size.” Who knew fifth-graders had such a great sense of style? [$66, NationalJeanCompany.com] Keep reading »

Crave: Secret Garden Charm Key And Locket Earrings

Lulu Frost is a super-cool jewelry company that incorporates old hotel room numbers, antique charms, and rhinestone belt buckles into new necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. The only thing is, it’s a little too expensive for us, especially since the economy tanked. But now we can get budget-friendly pieces with the same family heirloom-feel from Lulu Frost’s Urban Outfitters line, Secret Garden. Oh, Lulu, how we love you! [$24, Urban Outfitters] Keep reading »

Crave: Alex & Chloe Paperclip Necklace

We left our big ol’ vintage costume jewelry in the dust after falling in love with minimalist jewelry designers Alex & Chloe. What’s not to love? Simple jewelry goes with everything, which means you can wear it more often and thus not feel as guilty about spending $100 on a necklace. This Paperclip necklace, which comes in sterling silver, oxidized silver, and 14k gold, is perfect for the office-supply lover in all of us. [$100, Alex & Chloe] Keep reading »

Crave: Ted Gibson Body Kit (Win One!)

Taking showers during the winter is no fun. The water takes forever to heat up, and after you’re finally all fresh and clean, you have to put on buckets of lotion in a freezing cold apartment. Well, hairstylist extraordinaire Ted Gibson has a line of body shampoos and conditioners that might make us a little more fond of showering, even when it’s cold. While body conditioner might seem silly, it means you can skip the après-shower lotion step. Genius! [$42, TedGibsonBeauty.com]

We’re giving away five Ted Gibson Body Kits , but you have to work if you want one. The five best commenters for this coming week — from today, Friday, Jan. 9 through Thursday, Jan. 15 — will be awarded with a set, which includes three body shampoos and three body conditioners. So, be as clever, smart, and original as you can! Click HERE to read the official rules. Keep reading »

Crave: Black & White Plaid Leggings

While plaid pants can make a lady look bulky, these black and white leggings are tight! They’re like a picnic blanket for your stems and we bet they’d make someone special want to take a bite out of you! The plus-size leggings are also available in red, plus, since they’re 92% cotton and only 8% spandex, they are 100% muffin top proof. [$22, Torrid] Keep reading »

Crave: Fred Perry Satin High Top

Sneakers really aren’t our go-to footwear because most of the time we’re wearing dresses or skirts. But these high tops satisfy our need for glamour and comfort. Made of satin, an unconventional sneaker fabric, these high tops would look cute and unexpected with a casual dress or skirt. Plus, they remind us of old school roller skates from the laces to the taupe-ish color. [$59.99, UrbanOutfitters.com] Keep reading »

Crave: Pip-Squeak Chapeau Etc. Head Band

We’re entering the really cold part of the winter season, when bundling up means more than throwing on a coat. No, when you venture out into the arctic conditions, you have put on a big sweater, maybe some long underwear, a warm coat, a thick scarf, lined mittens, and a hat. If hats aren’t your thing, try this elegant alpaca/merino wool/bamboo knit headband. We wouldn’t want those cute ears of yours to get frostbitten, now would we? [$80, Pip-Squeak Chapeau Etc.]

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