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Something’s Missing From This “Couples Retreat” Poster, No?

Let’s play a little game. Check out these two posters for “Couples Retreat“—the one on the left was used in the US, and the one on the right in the UK. What’s different about these two images? The flick is about four couples who head for a therapy vacation, but in the British version of the poster, Faizon Love and Kali Hawk—aka, the film’s black couple—have been removed, both from the image and list of actors. People are up in arms over this and have started a letter-writing campaign to Universal Pictures about the omission. “I think this was an ill-conceived move,” said Vivienne Pattison, director of Mediawatch-UK. “We celebrate diversity in Britain and we could have coped with seeing the same poster used in America.” A spokesman for Universal says the studio intends to use the original poster in all other countries, and that they’re sorry for causing offense. The change was made to “simplify the poster to actors who are most recognizable in international markets.” So what do you think—was Universal justified in changing up the poster or was this totally wack? I, personally, feel that they should also feel bad for the bad Photoshop job putting all the actors knee deep in water. Oh, and for making the ridiculous rom-com in the first place. [The Daily Mail] Keep reading »

(Another) Quote Of The Day: Malin Akerman Is That Girl

“Sometimes I think it’s going to be etched onto my gravestone when I die. ‘Malin Akerman: Loving Daughter, Wife and the “C**k Me” Girl.’ It’s brilliant, but maybe not something you want as a legacy.”

– “Couples Retreat” star Malin Akerman on how she plans to be remembered [Vanity Fair] Keep reading »

Shun, Shag, Or Marry: The Men Of “Couples Retreat”

“Couples Retreat,” the flick about four couples who receive couples therapy on a paradise vacation, killed it at the box office this weekend, pulling in $35.3 million by Sunday night, which is pretty impressive since critics have been slamming it. My brother even claims it was worse than “Joe Versus the Volcano,” which is the film to which we compare all bad movies. But neither success nor criticism can distract us from the most important question of all, which is, of course: Which cast members would we shun, shag, or marry? I cursed the day that I would have to shun any of these fine gentlemen, but, unfortunately, journalism is a cutthroat vocation and sometimes you’ve got to break some eggs to make breakfast. Keep reading »

Trailer Park: “Couples Retreat,” “An Education,” And “Good Hair”

OK, it’s officially fall now, so it’s probably about time to look for new winter boyfriends, un-mothball the sweaters, and mourn the passing of the Indian summer. The best way to get over that fast is to consume lots of soup, participate in some cuddling, and spend more time at the movie theater. This week, if you’re dreaming of a vacation, go see “Couples Retreat.” If you’re feeling kinda mod and rebellious, catch “An Education.” And if you’ve been listening to us at all this week, go see “Good Hair.” Keep reading »

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