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I’m Not Ashamed To Love Fruity Cocktails: A Non-Beer-Drinker’s Lament

It always starts the same way: "Come out for drinks!" Maybe, I think to myself. I need to do more research. "What's the name of the place?" I ask.  "O'Dooley's Irish McIrishman Pub," someone says. I get a pit in my stomach. I fire up Google. I find the page on MenuPages. My fears are…
By: Jessica Wakeman / January 31, 2013

Elle Woods Party Plans Your Next Mammogram

Latching onto the earth-shattering news that women love a good party, an Orlando radiology clinic is hosting mammogram parties to encourage women to get the breast cancer check-up. So, yeah, we appreciate the sentiment -- i.e., let's try and make women feel like coming to get their boobs flattened between two metal plates is,…
By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / December 3, 2007