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Poll: Would You Ever Snip Down Below?

Now that you’ve read “Girl Talk: I’ve Had Labiaplasty Surgery” (doesn’t that sound like a future episode of MTV’s “True Life”?) we want you to weigh in on the somewhat controversial cosmetic procedure. Keep reading »

As Budgets Tighten, Skin Sags

Every cloud has its silver lining and, in this case, that silver is going gray gracefully! The bottom isn’t just dropping out of the economy, in American’s cases, it’s spilling over pants proudly. Due to the falling economy, people are willing to let their skin sag rather than pay a plastic surgyeon to fix up their business. Tits, tummies, butts, and faces are going untucked, unsucked, and unenhanced. Across the country, some cosmetic docs have seen a 30% drop in their earnings. “With this latest fiasco [on Wall Street], many are probably down closer to 40 percent,” said Sacramento surgeon and president of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Patrick McMenamin. Sounds like America is going au natural! In these tough times, we’re all going to have to work with what we got. [MSNBC] Keep reading »

A Match Made In Saline-Soaked Heaven

Wednesday’s episode of The Colbert Report had a segment about MyFreeImplants.com, a website started by Jason Grunstra which “brings together two groups of people: women that have a strong desire to enhance their physical appearance through cosmetic surgery and benefactors who wish to help these women improve their self esteem and confidence through cosmetic surgery.” Clearly, men have been giving their money to silly charities like St. Jude’s and OxFam for far too long. You know, it is so unfortunate that women don’t have a similar charity to contribute to which provides men with the cosmetic surgeries of their dreams. Is the URL “SizeDoesMatter.com” available? [Comedy Central] Keep reading »

Botox: Looks That Can Kill

Joan Rivers, a big fan of Botox, is poking fun at herself and laughing all the way to the bank in a new Geico commercial. While it may give you a career, a new report shows the wrinkle reducer could make you loose more than just facial expressions — it’s a look that can kill. The popular cosmetic injection is made from the botulinum toxin, the same bacterium that poisons meat, has in many cases spread through patients’ bodies wreaking all sorts of havoc. Since Botox has been linked to 16 deaths and almost 100 users hospitalization, Public Citizen, a consumer advocacy group, is asking the FDA to review the trendy disease…er, skin care substance put out by the pharmaceutical company Allergan. Looks like there’s an even uglier side to this beauty product. [Reuters] Keep reading »

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