Beyonce wears one onstage. So does Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, and Madonna. Ebay has sold 1,900 of them in the past three months. Vintage boutiques are marking up their prices like mad. What are they? Corsets, of course! The Spanx of the Victorian era is back in a big way, and their recent popularity has… READ MORE »


Ahem, the corset, which restrains your neck and chin, “visualizes the strengths of wealth and a prosperous family/background,” according to designer SchipperArques. How many seconds until Lady Gaga is sporting one on a deli run? [Ferohhhsh] … READ MORE »


Meet Gabriel Moginot, the man with the amazing 23-inch waist. Though his actual waist measurement is closer to 30 inches, as a student of legendary haute-couture corset-maker Mr. Pearl, Moginot has trained himself to fit into the 23-inch corset pictured at left. Though Mr. Pearl, whose tiny corsets are painfully beautiful, has shimmied his own… READ MORE »