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What Radical Democracy Looks Like In A Transphobic Culture: Meredith Talusan Vs. The Telluride Association

I hate talking on the phone, and so I was nervous to call Meredith Talusan: You get the impression from her social media feed, and from accounts of the recent events at the Telluride Branch at Cornell University, that she might be one of those people who gets wrapped up in their outrage and is hard to hold a conversation with.

Social media feeds are a series of monologues, though. In dialogue, Meredith is calm, personable, and pleasant, albeit also outraged, and also deeply hurt.

The Telluride Branch at Cornell is part of the Telluride Association, a not-for-profit organization that provides housing for students. The Telluride Branches are democratically managed by the residents. The Telluride website says that the Branches are meant to “foster an everyday synthesis of self-governance and intellectual inquiry that enables students to develop their potential for leadership and public service.” So, bottom line is, it’s cooperative housing with room and board scholarships as well as opportunities for academic and service scholarships for Cornell graduate students.

Meredith is the Cornell Branch Telluride Association’s first openly transgender resident at a Telluride Branch. She came out earlier this year. By her account, shortly thereafter, another resident at the house — whom I’ll refer to as X, as Meredith did in her original account of the events — started making extraordinarily transphobic statements to her, like “You’re a man in a dress,” or “You lost your dick.” Keep reading »

Cornell University Lays Down The Lawn In The Library

Cornell University might have just earned itself a prominent place in my higher education fantasies, thanks to some lush new lawns they installed … in the library. Two different libraries, to be exact, plus three other locations around campus, were equipped with real patches of grass to help students get a taste of nature and relieve stress while they studied for finals. The project was dreamed up by recent graduate Gilad Meron, who based the idea on Attention Restoration Theory, “which says that direct exposure to nature, viewing nature through windows, and even viewing images of nature are restorative.” Bringing nature inside seemed like an obvious next step, and as an added bonus, it allows students to sit in the grass and read without getting beaned in the head by a dudebrah’s frisbee. Bliss! [Neatorama]

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