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Stereomood Plays Music For Your Every Mood

I found out about Stereomood this weekend through Gala Darling. What’s Stereomood, you ask? Well, it’s an online music player that lets you pick a playlist according to your mood. The front page of the site has a text cloud from which you pick the word that best describes your mindset. Among the choices: Dreamy, Groovy, Sex, Driving Route 66, Feel Like Crying, and Snuggle. Then you get an entire soundtrack tailored to your state of mind. If you register, you can make your own mood list, and you can buy tracks off iTunes or Amazon. They call it “emotional internet radio,” but we call it awesome. My favorite is Epic, which includes Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Mogwai, and a bunch of other weird stuff. [Stereomood via Gala Darling] Keep reading »

Check This Out: The Daily Nail Blog

What is it with bloggers and their year-long challenges? Twelve months to thin, cook all of Julia Child‘s recipes, wear the same dress everyday, survive 365 days in Paris. (That last chick is a real nutbag). The latest in blog projects, The Daily Nail, chronicles one woman’s attempt to paint her nails a different way each day for one year.

Lady has got some talent, and we are loving her creations, which are sometimes funny and cheeky, or just downright sexy. Pictured above, a Jackson Pollock-inspired manicure which necessitated no less than nine different polishes. Other designs draw inspiration from random yet cool things like bacon, KISS, Mondrian, and fishnet tights. There are some seriously creative ideas here, if you’re bored with your ho-hum Ballet Slippers and want some new nail art ideas. After the jump, some styles we’d like to try out ourselves! [The Daily Nail] Keep reading »

Check This Site Out: Advanced Style

For you, dressing “granny-chic” is stylish in an ironic way. But for the AARP card-carrying set, not so much. Which is why we’re loving Advanced Style, a fashion photo blog of older ladies and gentlemen sporting their Sunday finest. Or, in its own words, “Proof from the wizened and silver-haired set that personal style advances with age.” On the blog, there’s documentation of rad grandpas in suits and old ladies in wild prints and hats. My favorite, however, has to be “Leonora in Pearls,” not only because we share the same name, but also because Grams is rocking some seriously classy Dior shades. If this is a glimpse of my future, I can’t say I find it to be too terrifying. [Advanced Style] Keep reading »

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