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They Can Just Stop Making Cooking Shows Now That “MasterChef Junior” Is On The Way

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MasterChef Junior
"Whip like a man!"

Some programming geniuses at FOX cracked the code for the Holy Grail of food TV. “MasterChef Junior,” a spinoff of “MasterChef” but with kids, pretty much fulfills all of my cooking show hopes and dreams. Premiering on September 27th, the show will feature young culinary virtuosos ages 8 to 13. The young contestants will face the similar challenges to their adult chef counterparts — only Joe Bastianich, and Graham Elliot will mentor rather than judge them,  Gordon Ramsay will refrain from shaming and swearing at them (hopefully) and they’ll be sent home in pairs, so as to preserve their burgeoning egos.

Although Sarah, the adorable 9-year-old who boasts, “I have been cooking for 6 years, so I know what I’m talking about” and then is shown screaming, “Whip like a man!” to her fellow contestants, seems to be faring just fine. When she throws down the most perfect molten lava cake Graham Elliot has ever seen on the show, you know that her cockiness is warranted. I will live the rest of my life and never be able to make a dessert like that. And SHE’S 9! But can she beat Jack, the kid who can cook an immaculate, restaurant-style branzino? You guys. I can’t. [The Braiser]

The Best Cooking Show Of All Time

We’ll watch anything on the Food Network and can’t get enough of “Top Chef,” but “Zaylee Jean’s Yippity Yo Show!” is by far our favorite cooking program. The 3-year-old’s baking commentary is first-rate, and she has sooo much energy it makes us want to run home to our kitchen and toss flour in the air. (Thanks for sharing, Christina!) Keep reading »

Cooking Lessons From A…Supermodel?

Apparently, models do like to eat. And, newsflash, they also like to cook! (Well, not all models are ready and willing noshers, but anyway.) I wasn’t sure that I wanted to take kitchen tips from a girl that consumes not much more than water and air—c’mon, where’s the Paula Deen credibility? But when I heard who was hosting, I quickly changed my tune. It’s Sophie Dahl, and according to the UK’s The Sun, she’s going to be taking an “emotional look” at food by reminiscing over her food memories while she cooks up her own recipes. Is it just me or does Dahl seem a little bit like the anti-supermodel sometimes—she writes books, she cooks, and I would, like, totally want to be friends with her if we ever met. Watch your back Nigella! [The Sun] Keep reading »

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