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21 Things You Shouldn’t Do While Riding Public Transportation (Because People Don’t Seem To Know)

rules for public transportation

I lived in Los Angeles for seven years and owned a car. There were some really fun things about being a car owner: like blasting Power 106 while cruising down the Pacific Coast Highway with my sunroof open. Only, most of the time, I wasn’t cruising down PCH, I was stuck on the 101, in the most intense gridlock for hours, crying because I had to pee or was starving and out of emergency car snacks. If I wasn’t trapped in bumper-to-bumper traffic, I was circling Hollywood for 45 minutes looking for a legal parking spot. Not fun either. At the end of my stint as a car commuter, I wasn’t blasting anything anymore, I was listening to The Path To Tranquility: Daily Meditations CD just to keep my blood pressure down. I try to remember how bad things got with my car when I’m riding the NYC subway during rush hour, sandwiched between a smelly armpit and man carrying a pet snake in a burlap sack. But at least I can read my book! At least I’ve significantly decreased my carbon footprint! I tell myself, trying not to breathe through my mouth, ready to kill the snake with my bare hands if it so much as hisses in my general direction. Don’t tell anyone, but sometimes I miss my car. God, I can’t believe I just said that. Keep reading »

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