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Frisky Eats: Chili Recipes For People Who Think They Hate Chili

We’ve already discussed the merits of chili¬†as a brag-worthy comfort food. I love pretty much all incarnations of chili, as do most well-adjusted people, but some folks out there (ahem,¬†Ami) still insist they don’t like chili. As a chili affirmation therapy exercise, I asked Ami to pick out some nontraditional chili recipes that appealed to her chili-hating tastebuds. Because when it’s this cold and yucky out, no one should be missing out on the comforting deliciousness of a warm bowl of chili. Click through for recipes!

Comfort Food Hall Of Fame: 10 Mouthwatering Mac And Cheese Recipes

Funny story: I was planning to do a roundup of all different kinds of comfort foods, but then I asked my Twitter followers for their favorite comfort foods, and pretty much everyone said “MAC AND CHEESE,” and I was like, damn, I guess I need to do a whole post dedicated to cheesy pasta deliciousness. So that’s what I’m doing. Click through for 10 mouthwatering mac and cheese recipes, from classic to gourmet to vegan(!), and stay tuned for more comfort food favorites in the coming weeks…

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