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According To “Playboy,” The Best Colleges To Get Laid Are…

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Playboy collected anecdotes, and tallied and rated colleges to see where the most partying is going on. Their method was to take the top 100 colleges in the US and measure them in the categories of sex, sports and nightlife. I’ve made no secret about the fact that I have no interest in sports and I’m too old for nightlife (I can barely make it up past 1 a.m. anymore). So that leaves sex. Let’s talk about which schools ranked as the best places to get laid. Ahem, my alma mater, NYU, ranks near the top of the heap. Go Violets! Mom and Dad, stop reading now. Keep reading »

Mary J. Blige Heads To Howard University

When I was in college, lots of young celebrities were enrolled at my alma mater. Julia Stiles was in my sociology class, Jake Gyllenhaal could regularly be seen walking across campus, and I once bumped into Anna Paquin coming out of the library. Katie Holmes was supposed to be there, but never actually started classes, which was a bummer, because at the time I wanted to ask her lots of questions about Joshua Jackson. But I totally would have freaked out if Mary J. Blige was on campus. And this will be the case in the fall—Mary has announced that she will be a part of the Howard University class of 2014. This is so, so cool—and not just for the students who sit near her in Biology. I think it’s pretty admirable that even though she’s 39 and has nine Grammys under her belt, she is interested in going to classes and learning more. I wonder what she’ll major in? [NBC Washington] Keep reading »

University Seeks To Shut Down A Sex-Toy Study

I went to the very liberal Sarah Lawrence College, where they often invited sex workers to campus to talk about sex toys, BDSM, even squirting. I was exposed to more nudity, dildos, vibrators, and threesomes than I’d care to mention. It was awesome. My brother and dad went to the more conservative Duke University, where they’ve recently been conducting a study on women and sex toys, inviting female students to sex toy parties (think: like an old-fashioned Tupperware party) where they can buy erotic toys, lingerie, and games. Before and after, the students fill out a survey about their thoughts about sex. But the Duke Catholic Center is pretty pissed about this research. Reverend Joe Vetter thinks that the study doesn’t promote relationships and wants to discuss this atrocious study at mass. [News & Observer] Keep reading »

College Newspaper Editor Resigns After Campus Freaks Out About Mutual Masturbation Column

Is it just us, or are colleges getting kind of prudish? A week after Tufts banned having sex in your dorm when your roommate is present, Towson University is up in arms over a column that ran in the campus newspaper, The Towerlight. A student who goes by the pen name “Lux” writes a regular column called “The Bedpost,” and while most of her pieces went by unnoticed, one called, “How to Make the Feeling Mutual,” about mutual masturbation, has attracted a lot of attention. It features racy lines, like “Make a lot of eye contact during the act and there’s a good chance that you will both orgasm around the same time.” (Read the full column here to get more of the idea.) The big loser in the aftermath of this “scandal” is the Towerlight‘s editor-in-chief, Carrie Wood. Administrators asked that she resign, and she’s given in. The whole attitude seems a little retro; I don’t know where you went to college, but in my experience, you’d be lucky if mutual masturbation is all that students are doing. It’s just about the safest sex there is. [ABC 2 News] Keep reading »

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