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5 Of The Strangest College Degrees Ever

My teachers always said that stoners don’t amount to anything, but a few select schools across the country are handing out weed diplomas! At Med Grow Marijuana School, outside Detroit, students take a six-week course on growing the best medical marijuana. Apparently, nearly one fifth of the students are ex-auto workers. There are also Med Grow branches in Colorado and New Jersey, and Oaksterdam University has a three-year pot school in Oakland, Los Angeles, and Michigan. Despite increased acceptance of medical marijuana, local police told students that if they’re caught toking, “We’re going to drop you like a bad habit.” Apparently, their police force learned how to talk from “The Dukes of Hazzard.” Living in a city with more medical marijuana clinics than Starbucks, I’ve already accepted that this is the future, but whose parents let them get a degree in weed? [Newser]

In honor of weed schools, we’ve rounded up some of the weirdest college degrees ever, for your amusement. Keep reading »

Girl Talk: I Was A College Gymnast

For fans of NCAA basketball, March Madness is the culmination of the collegiate sport year. But for me, a former gymnast—mediocre in skill, but a gold medalist in mania—April is what I live for. See, April is women’s college gymnastics month and this year the National Championships were held in Gainesville, Florida, the home of the Gator chop, a choreographic staple in every Florida floor routine. The Championships took place April 21st and 22nd, but aired on CBS this weekend. I watched in awe of all the scrunchies, the hip-hop-“inspired” performances, the eye glitter seemingly applied by a Texas pageant mom, and the women flying through the air and toward the vault and eventually their futures outside of the gym. Keep reading »

Axe Undie Run Challenge Encourages Charity, Girls In Panties

If you thought the Boobquake was a stupid activist statement, hold onto your panties! No, seriously, hold onto your panties: Axe Body Spray is hosting the “Axe Undie Run Challenge” at 10 colleges around the country to see who can donate the most clothes to local homeless charities … and also, to get a bunch of 18-year-old freshman girls half-naked on the quad. Keep reading »

Would You Use A Video To Apply To College?

When I was applying to college, I thought it was kind of sweet and very “green” that I could do the whole thing online. But now, peeps have taken things a bit too far. Four schools—Tufts, George Mason, William and Mary, and St. Mary’s College of Maryland—are encouraging students to submit a video application in lieu of writing the old essay. About 5 to 10 percent of their applications came by way of video this year. In other words, these kids took the easy way out. But, hey, I’m not too upset because some have gone viral and are now available for our viewing pleasure online. For example, check out Amelia Downs’ “Math Dances” above. Keep reading »

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Where Have All The Good Collegiate Dudes Gone?

One of the best parts of my college experience at NYU was sampling from the buffet of dudes on campus. It seemed like eligible men were lurking behind every dorm room door, in every lecture hall, and at every bump-and-grind dance party. College life was rife with men, whether they ended up becoming friends or more. There were certainly enough to go around. Apparently, this is not the case for the new generation of college ladies. According to The New York Times, women are totally outnumbering men on campus. The stats say that female enrollment is up to about 57 percent at most major universities (except the Ivys, where men still outnumber women) since the 2000s. So what does that mean for collegiate dating life? It means it’s in crisis. Keep reading »

Does College Really Matter For Starlets Like Miley Cyrus?

On “Hannah Montana,” Brooke Shields plays Miley Cyrus’ dead mother, but rumor has it that off-screen she is playing the role of Miley’s high school guidance counselor. Apparently, Shields’ motherly instincts kicked in when the young starlet told her last year that she was planning to skip college. Even though toothpaste commercials don’t require knowledge of French literature, Shields explained to the Miles that she is a better person for getting her degree from Princeton. Now, the word is that Cyrus may be considering following in Shields’ footsteps and applying to some Ivy League schools in 2010. I somehow can’t see Miley Cyrus studying Proust, but I get Shields’ point. An education never hurt anyone—especially a young rock star/actress who has been known to bare her midriff and make ignorant remarks. Even though many college grads do not end up doing anything remotely related to their undergrad degrees, the experience is about personal growth … right? [Celebitchy]

But this begs the question: Do young starlets really need a college education if they’re already successful? After the jump, we compare Ivy League stars with their School of Life counterparts to see if a diploma really makes a difference. Keep reading »

Are Coed Dorm Rooms A Good Idea?

Starting next fall, Columbia University in New York City will institute a “gender neutral” housing policy for everyone but freshman. This means guys and gals can share a room. Gasp! Which means that hetero couples might decide to live together and … wait for it … have sex! Yes, this is a big concern for some people, especially of the parental variety. As if drunken, horny, stressed-out 20-somethings packed together on a small campus haven’t been doin’ it for decades. For real, though, there are a lot of reasons why this is a good thing. After the jump, why “gender neutral” housing makes everything a little more equal. Keep reading »

No Fatties: College Won’t Let Obese Students Graduate

Essentially putting a “No Fatties” sign on the Admissions office, Lincoln University in Pennsylvania has taken a rather radical step in addressing obesity. They’re requiring that every student with a body mass index of 30 or higher, which is in the obese range, take a fitness class three times a week. Those who fail to show up won’t graduate. It’s easy to say it’s for their own good, but does a university have the right to withhold a diploma for someone’s lifestyle choices? The administration says, “Obesity is going to rob you of your quality and quantity of life. We believe that this is unconscionable.” But what about students who’re heavy drinkers, bulimics, cocaine users, smokers, or fans of unprotected sex? Aren’t those people risking their quality of life? Maybe they shouldn’t graduate unless they take a class? Keep reading »

Duh! Study Proves That Coed Dorms Encourage Sex And Drinking

A groundbreaking study conducted on five college campuses has concluded that coed dormitories lead to more sex, more binge-drinking, and more pornography than the same-sex alternative. Oh, and by “groundbreaking,” I mean inconclusive, biased, and obvious. Ninety percent of the country’s college campuses are coed, and students are generally placed in housing automatically unless they opt-out to live in same-sex housing. Of the 510 students involved in the study, 42 percent of coed dorm students admit they binge-drink on a weekly basis, compared to 18 percent of the students in gender-specific housing. Sixty-three percent of the students in same-sex housing (which in this study means a paltry 68 students) said they had no sexual partners this year (bummer!), while only 44 percent of coed students were chaste. And of the co-ed students, 13 percent said they’d had three or more sexual partners, this was true of 5 percent of the single-sex dwellers. [Reuters]

May I suggest a theory?
Keep reading »

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