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A Mug Made For Cookies

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Cookies and milk are an American staple. So why has no one ever thought of this before? This mug makes serving up your favorite treat a one handed feat! Now you can have a free hand to command the remote, text your man, or play words with friends. Why stop at milk? Go wild and enjoy some tea and biscuits or coffee and biscotti. Hell, why not wine and cheese? The possibilities for drinks and their snack accompaniments are endless! [$22, Etsy]

A Coffee Mug That Wakes Up With You

I may have mentioned (more than once) that my first cup of coffee is the only thing that can get me out of bed in the morning. Add a cute mug to the mix and I’m practically jumping out of bed when my alarm goes off. Well, maybe not. But this Morning Mug will be the extra incentive I need to get going. When it’s cold, the mug displays a sleepy face. As you warms it with the heat of your coffee and you start to warm up to the day, so does its face. What a brilliant way to begin your morning. Just you and your mug waking up together.

[$29.00 gnr8]
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