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“Fargo” Is Going To Be A TV Series — And Trailers Have Arrived!

You Betcha!

The 1996 Coen Brothers movie “Fargo” is coming to the small screen next month, and FX has released teaser trailers! From the looks of it, not too much of the tone has changed between the film and the TV series. Nobody captures the barren, Midwestern winter quite like the Coen Brothers, so I can’t wait to see how things play out in the series.

The show has a limited 10-episode run, and will star Billy Bob Thornton, Martin Freeman and Molly Solverson. The main characters, while different from the film, seem to be loosely based on the roles that William H. Macy and Frances McDormand made famous back in the ’90s. See all 11 teasers here, and get excited for that Minnesota accent. [Screen Rant]

Watch Jack White Add A Folk Twist To A White Stripes Classic

Can The White Stripes Get Back Together Yet?

I am still not over the breakup of the White Stripes, so any little scrap I can get of their hits is a big deal to me. Here’s a touch of folk to brighten up your day: the lovely Showtime concert film “Another Day, Another Time.“ The concert was recorded this fall in New York City and brought together performers from the Coen brothers’ new film “Inside Llewyn Davis.” It will air on December 13 on Showtime and includes Marcus Mumford, Joan Baez, Gillian Welch, and Patti Smith. In the meantime, check out this clip of Jack White performing a folk version of his former band’s song “We’re Going to Be Friends.” [NYMag.com]

The Coen Brothers To Make A TV Show

As a major TV addict, it’s been exciting over the past few years to watch actors you’d normally see on the big screen—the Zooey Deschanels, the Toni Collettes, and the Steve Buscemis—sign on for small screen projects. Now it seems like big name directors are starting to pay attention to the boob tube, too. If you’ve seen so much as a poster for “Terra Nova,” you are probably well aware that Steven Spielberg is the producer. And exciting news— the Coen Brothers, those glasses-wearing gods of  indie cinema, are developing a series for Fox. The show is called “Harve Karbo,” and it’s about a Los Angeles private investigator with a wide network of deadbeat friends. And if their pedigree means anything, it’ll probably be pretty great. Here’s hoping this trend continues. I’d love to see television shows from Wes Anderson and Charlie Kaufman. Or maybe David Lynch would like to take another crack at it, now that it’s been a while since “Twin Peaks”? [Newser, Hollywood Reporter]

10 Fall Movies We Can’t Wait To See

While we enjoyed some of the films from summer movie blockbuster season (Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants! Step Brothers! The Dark Knight!), we hated others (yuck, Hancock) and are looking forward to a new crops of flicks this Fall. Here are the ten we’re highly anticipating.

Twilight Release date: December 12

  • Why we’re psyched: Fans are totally psyched about the novels, so the film has to be good.
  • What could go wrong: It’s hard for vampire movies to avoid being campy and predictable.
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