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Drink This, Get Pretty! (Or Maybe Not)

What the hell is Kombucha tea? Why is everyone all of a sudden slugging coconut milk? What about the whole green juice craze?

The makers or retailers of any of these drinks would have you believe glowing skin, shiny hair and a flat stomach really is just a bottle away. But we all know better. Or do we? Just this weekend, The New York Times opined on how all these Williamsburg hipsters in New York are toting around real-deal coconuts with a straw sticking out, claiming what health foodies have been saying for a while — that coconut juice is the magic get-purdy drink loaded with nutrients. Recently, I’ve noticed health food stores and even corner bodegas here in NYC have started carrying an alarming amount of very expensive Kombucha Tea. What is it, you ask, and will it make me hotter? Well, I’ve tried it and here’s the deal … Keep reading »

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