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Selk Bags: The Least Fashionable Way To Stay Warm This Winter

The dilemma of winter fashion—most cute coats don’t actually keep you warm. So, you go the utilitarian route and zip up into a sporty North Face or something else equally puffy. Or, you take things one step further and just cover your entire body in weather-resistant material. Enter the Selk Bag, full-body suits made from sleeping bags. For those who are perpetually cold in the winter (no matter what), this is basically a dream garment. Same goes for people who like to literally roll out of bed. If only you didn’t have to look like an astronaut while you wear one … [What's Wrong With The Zoo] Keep reading »

Snuggle Up With A Sleeping Bag Coat

It may not look like the most fashionable coat on the market, but it is designer-made (as iconic as the DVF’s wrap dress to many), and will keep you toasty warm. Norma Kamali’s sleeping bag coat usually retails for $595 in stores, but she’s decided to be nice and generous. The designer not only began offering the coat–which was created 30 years ago during a cold camping trip–on her eBay site for under $300, but has now teamed up with WalMart to sell the piece for a ridiculously affordable price … only $35! Prepare to stalk your local WalMart for this toasty hot number. If you want to see what it looks like on, follow the jump to watch a Lucky editor try it on. [Lucky] Keep reading »

Are We Warming Up To Cape Coats?

What do you think of the cape coat trend for fall? On the one hand, you might feel a bit like Samantha of the American Girl dolls. On the other, you get a lightweight jacket for crisp weather that’s different and chic. For the most part, merch in stores is hugely expensive—think thousand-dollar Marni and Balmain pieces right off the runways. Yet, more affordable versions of the coat are popping up. If you want to get in on the high-end look, think about altering the feel with these cute picks. You can also scour eBay, which has some nice vintage jackets at the moment. After the jump, the deets on our four more accessible picks.
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Style Stealer: Keri Russell’s Field Jacket

Keri Russell was spotted out and about in Brooklyn this weekend, and while we couldn’t help but notice her white canvas slip-ons (our summer obsession), we think her army green field jacket would be perfect on a cool fall day. In fact, Amelia paired one with a printed blue and maroon dress today, which toned down the dress and ensured that the jacket didn’t look too “Army.” Check out six of our favorite utility jackets after the jump. Keep reading »

The Last 31 Days Of 2008: Donate Your Old Coat

Every year we miss the Dec. 31 deadline for the New York Cares Coat Drive. And then we guiltily buy a new coat and promise ourselves to make a donation next year. And this month we’ll fulfill that promise and we hope you will too. If you’re not in the New York area, you can donate your gently used coat at any Burlington Coat Factory during the Warm Coats & Warm Hearts Coat Drive. And as if the warm and fuzzy feeling you get from making a donation wasn’t enough, Burlington will take 10 percent off your purchase when you donate a coat. So now you can buy yourself something without any guilt, or you can keep spreading the love by donating a little something-something to a needy child. Most communities have a charity that is fulfilling holiday wishes for children.

See all the ways to make the most of the last 31 days of 2008 here. Keep reading »

Fashion Slideshow: Ombré Clothing And Accessories

We’ve noticed Ombré fashion everywhere this season. Ombré is a French term meaning “shaded.” Have you ever noticed a shirt or something else that gradiates from a light color to a darker color? Well that’s ombré. Since wearing bands of color is difficult for some people, you can also find ombré accessories. Gloves, handbags and even shoes, basically anything you can think of. So after the jump check out our picks for this season’s best ombré finds. Keep reading »

Crave: Sunny Yellow Peacoat

This is the first week of fall, which means it’s time to bring out your hats, scarves, gloves, and, most importantly, your warm coat. If you’re sick of the usual gloomy grays and blacks, just think how bright and cheery this yellow peacoat will make you feel, even on days when the thermometer reads -10 degrees F. [$119.50, American Eagle Outfitters] Keep reading »

Crave: Silence & Noise Hooded Jacket

Fall is here and there’s only one way to not get left out in the fashion cold — a hot new coat. Alas, it’s time again to snuggle up to the perfect snug fitting jacket that compliments your wardrobe and stands out in a crowd, so you won’t have a hard time finding it in the coat pile at a party. This one, from Urban Outfitters, classes up the comfort of a hoodie and updates the classic crop jacket with asymmetrical buttons and bold prints. Available in a gray/black plaid or a black/white brocade, it’s fresh, fun, and fully-lined. This season, if you want to rock out in style, this jacket is the jam! [$128, Urban Outfitters] Keep reading »

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