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Dealbreaker: He Hated My Clothes

I am newly single (again). After a fun, but exhausting, up-and-down five months, my boyfriend-ish-person and I broke up this week. I’m sad about it — I really did fall for him and had so much fun with him. But I’m also a little relieved. The drama was wearing thin. Plus, he hated my clothes. Yeah. My clothes. Keep reading »

How To Get The Layered Look Right

After looking through this blog post of all sorts of beautifully (and expertly) layered folks on the street, I came to the following sartorial realization: creating a slim and cohesive layered look ain’t all that easy. (Though this girl, above, certainly makes it look that way!) So many people (myself included sometimes) end up with big, bulky outfits that look disheveled, and not artfully so. So I figured it was high time we passed on a few layering tricks and tips—it’s all about balance, color and texture. Check out all 10 after the jump, and if you have any fail-safe methods for looking chicly layered, I’m dying to hear!
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Mind Of Man: Clothes Do Not Make The Man

To many women, looking stylish is a total obsession. And I don’t think you dress to kill to impress the men in your lives, because we just aren’t that picky, nor are our tastes refined enough to offer substantial critiques. I gave up watching “Project Runway” (the female equivalent of UFC) after the second season because I always backed the losing designer, without fail. I think it’s a ladies-only horse race. Women dress up for other women. Dudes are casual spectators of your beloved sport.

When the current woman I’m dating (I know how you ladies love nicknames, so let’s just call her “the current woman I’m dating” or TCWID) dolls up, she makes me sweat like a prom date. She looks beautiful and reminds me of a cactus flower: a colorful, delicate, powerful little bloom that a thorny, ugly world shouldn’t produce but does. And then there are the nights where she greets me at her door wearing nothing but a t-shirt, boy shorts and glasses and my heart high-fives my brain. Packaging isn’t a huge priority to men. But that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate the short skirts. Keep reading »

Now 3-Year-Olds Have Better Wardrobes Than You!

And now for the latest in vomit-inducing trends: personal shoppers for toddlers. Over in the U.K., the Daily Mail reports that big-time department stores like Harrods and Harvey Nichols have come to specialize in the growing field of baby fashion, which has mothers clamoring for tiny Uggs, miniature Dior blazers, and Fendi scarves. These moms, however, don’t want to deal with the oh-so onerous task of dressing their kids themselves, so they’ve enlisted the services of personal shoppers at sky-high prices—Harrods clients must spend a minimum of about $4,000.

What does a mom get out of one of these style consultations? Here’s an excerpt where a stylist advises a black sequin mini-dress: “This is fabulous, but we’ll have to see how the color works — that complexion is begging for pinks and purples.” Naturally. Who are these people? Keep reading »

Why Don’t Men Ever Understand Our Clothes?

Michelle Obama’s recounting of what Barack thinks of some of her fashion choices made us laugh. And then we started thinking, The president really is just another man! He doesn’t understand women’s clothing choices, just like practically every other guy we know!

When we wrote up our list of 30 Things Women Love That Men Just Don’t Understand, five of the items were fashion/style-related. But there’s so much more where that came from.

It seems as though whenever we don’t dress for men — i.e., form-fitting skirts and cleavage-bearing tops — that’s when they get confused. They can’t understand why we wear tunic tops and chunky wedge heels, or why we decided to cut off all of our hair. Usually, when we take fashion risks like these, we’re doing so as a way to express ourselves or our creativity — or to impress the other girls in the office. But it does suck when you think you look super cute and your guy thinks it looks like you’re wearing a painting smock for pregnant women. Wouldn’t it be nice if women’s and men’s opinions about what makes a stylish outfit meshed better?

What are some of the clothing and style choices your boyfriend and guy friends don’t find appealing?
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Necessary Luxuries: What We Won’t Give Up, Recession Be Damned

I wouldn’t consider myself to be a Grade A snob, despite what some may think. I may carry an expensive bag or be sporting expensive shoes, but chances are that I’m wearing Forever 21 everywhere else. I prefer a diner sandwich to a fancy meal, have cut myself off from mani/pedis and learned to polish my own, and am getting a little less bitter about the subway. In these tough economic times, we’re all trying to cut back, but there are some things we’re just not willing to give up. Keep reading »

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