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Life Dream Status: The US Postal Service Is Launching A Clothing Line

I heart my mailman
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RIP Saturday Mail
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Postal Service Style
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I had to check multiple news sources to make sure this was actually a true story and not a cruel joke designed to prey on my simultaneous obsessions with vanity clothing lines and the postal service, but guess what? It’s true! The US Postal Service is really, truly launching a clothing line in 2014. Inspired by the old “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night…” mail carrier motto, the USPS is naming their new fashion venture, “Rain Heat & Snow” and will focus on high performance clothing that allows the wearer to fend off the elements and/or take their sexy postal worker role playing games to the next level. Rain Heat & Snow will initially be available only in men’s sizes (boo!), but will expand to include women’s clothing later in the year. And unfortunately for those of us who would love to be able to buy stamps and all-weather shorts in one place, your local post office won’t be adding an apparel section–the line will be sold at department and specialty stores. I must say, knowing I will soon have the chance to dress like my mailman almost makes up for the fact that I will no longer be seeing him on Saturdays. Almost, but not quite. [Washington Post]

Beyonce Plays Dress Up With Your Kids

If you can’t trust Beyonce to not tart up your kids, who can you trust? The singer has a line of clothing called House of Dereon — which is horrible, by the way, I have tried it on at my discount department store and BLECH — and she’s now releasing a line for little girls. We expect such things from Disney, but B? Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, oh no no. [Pop Gumbo] Keep reading »

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