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Pope Francis Says ‘God Weeps’ For Child Sexual Abuse Victims Of The Clergy

On the Pope’s final day of his historic United States visit, Francis met with Bishops in Philadelphia and brought up the Catholic church’s darkest secrets.
He said that all those responsible for the sexual abuse of youth by the clergy will be held accountable.
Francis said “God weeps” for the child victims and that “The…

Katrin Higher / September 27, 2015

Some Clergy Refuse To Sign Straight Couples’ Marriage Certificates

If gays can’t marry, no one will. That’s the point of view of some clergy in the Refuse To Sign movement, who believe that gay marriage should be legal everywhere, but individual churches should be allowed to choose whether or not to perform the unions.

While some clergy won’t perform any weddings or…

Jessica Wakeman / July 13, 2009