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Found: An Eco-Friendly Alternative To Swiffer Sweepers

5 Cleaning Tips
Tricks and techniques for people who hate cleaning! Read More »

I am one of those people who doesn’t mind messiness as long as I don’t see it. This is why many of my drawers are stuffed with receipts and knick knacks, my bathroom cabinets are horrifically disorganized, and the top of my TV has never known the sweet touch of a dust rag. This is also why I love carpet — dirt, hair, dust, and a multitude of other slovenly sins can just be crammed down into it until you get around to vacuum. Out of sight, out of mind. Gross? Maybe, but it’s the truth. Keep reading »

A Guide To Cleaning Your Sheets (For Single Guys And Lazy Girls)

Laundry Secrets
secrets of women's laundry
Ten shameful secrets we hide about doing laundry. Read More »
Gross Apartments
gross apartments
Dudes, this is why ladies think your apartments are gross. Read More »
Astro 101: Doing Laundry!
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We’ve always suspected that most guy’s sheets didn’t get properly laundered as often as we’d like. In the past, we’ve seen the stains (snot? cum? Doritos?) and tried to will ourselves to imagine we were covered in an invisible, full body shield of antibacterial gel where no microbes could harm us. A horrifying new study confirms our very worst imaginings of dust mites and fungal spores. It found that single dudes ages 18 to 25 only wash their sheets — wait for it — four times a year because they “didn’t see the need” or “didn’t care.” That’s once a quarter if he’s feeling enterprising. Oh God, what if he’s not!? We can’t even think about it. Not that we always wash our sheet every two weeks as recommended by Martha Stewart, sometimes we’re lazy too — not nearly THAT lazy, but still. For the single dudes and the laundry-hating ladies, here’s a reminder about what needs to be done to keep your sheets from being absolutely disgusting (read: acceptable enough for people to want to sleep with you). Keep reading »

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