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12 Sex Moves Guys Stole From Porn (NSFW)

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Cindy Gallup’s Make Love Not Porn movement has inspired us. For those of you who have never heard of her, Cindy Gallup is, for lack of a better term, a cougar. When, in her 40s, she began dating (and having sex with) much younger men, she discovered that their bedroom playbook was a little too heavily influenced by hardcore porn. During a 2009 TED talk, Gallup announced her plans to sexually re-educate, rehabilitate and reorient young people.

Her new website, MakeLoveNotPorn.com and video site MakeLoveNotPorn.tv (which hasn’t officially launched yet) will endeavor to teach the difference between the “porn world” and the “real world” by sparking discussion and showing videos of people having real-life sex. Not that she’s anti-porn (she claims to be a fan) she just wants everyone involved to know the difference. AMEN.

We’ve been having a similar experience in the bedroom and it’s time we ‘fess up. Guys, we’re onto you. We know when we’ve unwittingly been cast in your personal porno fantasy. Like a knockoff handbag, we can smell the  inauthenticity a mile away. Most of the time, we’re too polite to say anything and we either choose to attempt to play the part … or not. I mean, sometimes we’re into it, too. But often, we feel the burden of your unrealistic expectations. So, we’re putting you on blast. It’s time to come up with some more original stuff. Click through to see our running list ideas we know you’re getting from XTube. [New York Times]

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