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How Shocking: John Galliano Guilty Of Racism

Good news for people who hate bad guys: After six months of legal jimmerjammer, John Galliano, the former fashion designer for Christian Dior, was found guilty of “public insults toward persons on the basis of their religion or origin.” Galliano, if you remember, famously got caught shouting racist and anti-Semitic remarks at fellow patrons at a Paris cafe this past year. The verdict was seen as a success, except that, well, his conviction actually comes with no punishment. The judge gave Galliano a suspended fine of €6,000 euro, though he will have to pay more than €16,000 in legal fees for the plaintiffs. Quite a deal, considering plaintiff Philippe Virgitti initially asked the courts for €220,000 in pain and suffering, after Galliano called him a “f**king Asian bastard.” [MSNBC] Keep reading »

Natalie Portman Dons A Headband — And Nothing Else — For Miss Dior

Looking very much like Blair Waldorf (but in a topless pose Blair would never be caught dead in), Natalie Portman models for Christian Dior’s Miss Dior Cherie perfume. I never thought I’d see the day when Natalie Portman posed nude, sort of. [Celebuzz] Keep reading »

Christian Dior Would Like To See You (Literally) In Contact Lenses

Combining fashion and eyewear is a slightly contradictory deal. On the one hand, there are people who actually need to wear glasses, and so they opt for designer frames to deal with their genetic failings (but often still wish that their condition didn’t have to be a fashion statement). Then there are those who just think geeky specs are cool, so they stock up on fashion frames. (Note: I am one of those losers, thank you very much.) Now Christian Dior is taking things to a new level with these branded contact lenses, which have a swipe of gold on the surface as well as a tiny CD logo. So, these are for people who want to be all-designer, all the time? Because rarely is someone going to get so close to your face that they’ll ask you, “OMG, I love your eyes, where did you get them?” Or worse, during pillow talk when your guy gazes lovingly at you, he’ll now say something along the lines of, “Your eyes are just so … amazingly … trendy.”

What do you think of these Christian Dior contact lenses? Totally ridiculous? Or the beginning of a huge trend wave? [Fashion Indie] Keep reading »

Your Daily Shoe Porn: Lace You Up

Christian Dior lace boot, Paris Fashion Week [Style.com]
Keep reading »

Yooouuu Are Sooo Beauoootiful To Meeeee …

I don’t know what to say other than if you’re a dude parading around outside the Dior show in those heel-less Nina Ricci boots and nylon shorts, you best shave your legs. [No Excuses] Keep reading »

Fall Beauty Preview: Dior’s “New (Vintage) Look”

Ever since Barbie celebrated her 50th birthday, the icon has been appearing everywhere from news shows to Hollywood to basically every single international edition of Vogue to name a few venues, and fashion runways across the world have been no exception. We even caught a glimpse of her at Dior’s couture show, in a way. How to get the look, after the jump! Keep reading »

Marion Cotillard’s Naked Goddess Heels

Oscar-winner Marion Cotillard looked prim and proper in her ladylike suit at the “Bike in Style” event earlier this week. However, if you looked closely at her Dior shoes, you’d notice the heels are in the shape of a naked female who is supposedly a fertility goddess. The French have always been masters of the subtly provocative, no? Click through for another look at the shoes with the amble-bosomed (and -butted) woman. Keep reading »

Quick Pic: Hair Hat

Instead of putting hats on his models, designer John Galliano had their hair crimped into chapeau-like structures. Don’t try this at home, people. [Christian Dior fashion show; Paris Fashion Week; 9/29/2008] Keep reading »

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