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Watch Benny The Bull’s Perfect Reaction To A Kiss Cam Argument


Between Gaston’s push-up contest and this video, I feel like people who are paid to wear costumes are totally owning this week.

At Saturday’s Bulls-Celtics game, a woman got mad at her boyfriend (husband? It’s unconfirmed) for not getting off his cellphone to kiss her for the Kiss Cam. In swoops Benny the Bull to carry her off in his arms. Boo-yah, cellphone douche! Keep reading »

Check Out Helen Lambin, An Inked-Up 81-Year-Old

Helen Lambin started getting tattoos when she was 75. Now she’s 81, and she’s just about covered. And I love her, and I want to be her friend – unfortunately, I’m pretty dedicated to a tattoo shop that’s two miles away from hers.

She looks like she’d fit in the social scene in Logan Square, the neighborhood that’s been gentrified by hipsters. Instead, she’s a longtime resident of Chicago’s Edgewater neighborhood on the north side of the city. She says she loves it there because “everyone doesn’t want you to be the same.” Here are six things I love about Lambin… Keep reading »

Watch Chicago Band Firago’s Touching Plea For The Bears To Get Rid Of Jay Cutler

"I'm in Orton withdrawal..."

Chicago band Firago has covered A Great Big World’s “Say Something (I’m Giving Up On You)” to express their deep, deep discontent with Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. Chief among their complaints is that he sucks and he’s overpaid. To give you a picture of how heartily Chicagoans and football fans everywhere agree with Firago, it’s worth mentioning that the video had 8,000 views when I heard about it three days ago and is, as of right now, pushing 90,000 views. I’m assuming Cutler and his family are the people accounting for those 15 thumbs-down. [Deadspin] Follow me on Twitter.

On Police Retaliation And Obfuscation From St. Louis To Chicago

Outside MoKaBe's In St. Louis

Most people don’t protest. Hell, even a lot of the people who want to protest don’t protest, and there are a lot of valid reasons for that. But if you haven’t done it, it’s easy to look at demonstrations from the outside and see people who are rowdy, disruptive, entitled to any kind of behavior, who’ve bought into outdated rhetoric and worked themselves into a tizzy about “the man.” It’s especially easy because that’s the narrative the news media tells about protests, especially when the news media confuses protests with riots all the time.

Take this, for example: Do you assume that the same people who have been holding candlelight vigils and die-ins in Ferguson and Saint Louis were also the people who burned cars and shops on the night of November 24, when Darren Wilson’s non-indictment was announced? If so, why? Where did you get that impression? Personally, I assume there’s some overlap, but I also know that experienced protest organizers know better than to destroy things or direct people to do so if they care deeply about their issue and want to keep organizing. Keep reading »

Jane Byrne, Chicago’s First And Only Female Mayor, Has Died

  • Chicago’s first and only female mayor, Jane Byrne, has passed away. [Sun-Times]
  • #YouKnowHerName is trending over the media gag order on saying rape and suicide victim Rehtaeh Parson’s name in Canada. [Jezebel]
  • President Obama’s immigration plan would extend protection to 5 million unauthorized immigrants. [New York Times]
  • The KKK is threatening lethal force on protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, pending the Grand Jury decision on Officer Darren Wilson’s indictment. [Huffington Post] Keep reading »

The George Lucas Museum Of Narrative Art Is Reason #5,683,820 You All Should Be Living In Chicago

I keep telling people to move to Chicago, but they keep giving me excuses not to (like having “jobs” elsewhere — whatever). Reason number 5,683,820 to move to Chicago: The George Lucas Museum of Narrative Art. San Francisco turned it down and now their mayor is all pouty about the fact that Lucas chose Chicago, because we offered a prime piece of land on the lakefront near our biggest convention center, Soldier Field, and the museum campus that includes the aquarium, the planetarium, and our museum of natural history. That’s what you get, San Francisco; that’s what you get. Keep reading »

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